How can I turn a primary/slave HDD to primary/ master

By tassos74 ·
Hello, I have two hard disk drives. Each has a different installation of WIN XP. As the master (C:)is small and old enough, I want to make the secondary(F:)into primary, remove my previous C hard disk and add a new one as a secondary.
I have tried but the system don't boot (ntldr is missing).
Is there a way to do it without mess up the set up of my present F hard disk? Is there a way to keep the F even if the hard disk is the primary? (everything in regedit is set with F..)
Any comments would be very helpful.

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Not if you remove the C Drive

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to How can I turn a primary/ ...

There are files written to it which allow the different installations of Windows to boot.

About your only option would be to clone your current F Drive to the new HDD and then clone your current C Drive to what was the F Drive. But if you have any partitions on the drives this Will Not Work!

The easiest way around this is to perform a full backup and blow away all your installations and do a reinstall of what you actually need then restore your data. It's the only method thats Guaranteed to actually work correctly.

I would suggest that you wipe any currently used HDD/s with some utility that writes zero's to every sector of the HDD/s that you intend to keep using and perform a clean install as if it was a new machine. Boot & Nuke is a good utility to perform this and is available here.



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