How can i use 2 public Ip address from different ISPs in one home machine.

By bottlenose22 ·
I have one home machine in which i would like to use two different ISPs provided internet connection. I have one onboard network card and i have installed another PCI network card. Both have different IP addresses configured; provided by ISPs.

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What exactly are you trying to do?

by jimmy-jam In reply to How can i use 2 public Ip ...

On the surface I would say all you have to do is configure each NIC with a unique IP and call it a day. I see this as a potential to cause some serious confusion though on the part of the computer not know which NIC to talk on. You will likely need to set up some routing tables or something to let the PC know which path to take.

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Go get a router...

by TekyWanabe In reply to How can i use 2 public Ip ...

or explain better what exactly you're trying to achieve with this arrangement!

Yes, while you could use a Windows box with 2 network cards to 'route' between two (maybe more) networks, this might be ok for a small 'private' network but considering the fact that the two cards are to be connected to two ISPs (external) in this case...

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