How can I use Vbscript to interact with "Download File" pop up?

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I am using vbscript with a view to eventually use it as part of a quick test professional script (QTP). I imagine this could be a lot easier using the record and playback functionality intrinsic to QTP. The problem is I am still waiting for my access to the QTP license to be approved so cannot use QTP- as such I am writing this script in a .vbs file and executing it as a stand alone script.

I'm using xp OS and do not intend to use APi's or anything other than vbscript (this may not be possible). Ideally I wanted to create a custom function that will click on a specific link, click open to get the downloadable excel file and then compare the values in the file with other constants.

My issue is that I cannot interact with the pop up message titled "Download File", I have tried to use Vbscript to ascertain information about the pop up with specific msgboxes however I cannot because once the pop up appears my vbscript stops.

Is there a way to continue the script running? Is there a way to interact with this pop up? In your opinion am I better to wait for the access rights to come through and use QTP?

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have you tried autoit?

by markp24 In reply to How can I use Vbscript to ...


I had to write a vbscript to interact with a download dialogue, i ented up calling out from the vbsript to an autoit script to click the OK and fill in the username and password for me.

you can find it here

googole autoit for the site (TR keeps killing my post when i put the link in , sorry)
i hope that helps you.

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