How can i work in big companies like Google, HP, Microsoft?

By monty91 ·
i graduated from computer science last year, what skills, certifications do these companies ask for?

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Your best course of action would be to contact those companies,

and ask what positions they may have available.

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It isn't just about skills and certs

by Charles Bundy In reply to How can i work in big com ...

First, what excites you about working for those companies? Second, as wizard said you need to apply based on criteria from first. Third, what would you offer to the company that moves them forward and helps them succeed? This isn't always about KSA's. In our industry what you know isn't nearly as important as what can you learn and how fast can you apply it wherever the company needs it to gain an edge.

PS I have friends that work for the companies listed and some biggies not listed and they have thrived long term. Personally I like small business culture and nimbleness :).

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they have websites and HR depts.

by khiggins1979 In reply to How can i work in big com ...

They hire all the time. They are massive. I would advise that you set the appropriate expectations.

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It's not what you know it's who you know

by HypnoToad72 In reply to How can i work in big com ...

After all, spending $100k for a college degree isn't enough in of itself.

And be a H1B. Telling them your tax money is given to them as corporate welfare won't cut any ice...

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by a.portman In reply to How can i work in big com ...

Full sentences and proper capitalization might be a good start.

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