how can i?

By jinfei01212003 ·
how can i open the admin password in a laptop if the user forgot his/her password?

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by seanferd In reply to how can i?

We don't do password-related stuff on TR.

If, however, there were another administrator who could log on, he or she could create a new account for the user.

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by jinfei01212003 In reply to Basically

sir can you tell me how? i've tried F1, F2 or even F10 to enter to the setup but still it doesn't work... can you tell me more about laptops? bec. it is my first time to fix a laptop and its my first time to encounter such a thing

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As Stated!

by The Scummy One In reply to sir

Here on TR there are a lot of professionals, and as such, we do not aid in PW cracking at all. You were given an alternative, already, if another admin is avail, they can help.

If one is not avail, take it to a shop. Sorry, but we wont help notebook theives as well, which is why we put our feet down on cracking questions.

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sir i dont need cracks

by jinfei01212003 In reply to As Stated!

sir i DO NOT NEED CRACKS OR KEYGEN. iM just need some opinion. but nevertheless thanks for the warning and advice...

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Please contact the support

by ComputerCookie In reply to sir i dont need cracks

site for the manufacturer or call them.

Each manufacturer has a different process to do what you describe.

The subsequent post seem to indicate that you don't have a problem accessing the operating system, but, a problem accessing the laptop.

If your going to post a question,please give more detail so as your question can be answered correctly.

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soory if i did not clarify the issue

by jinfei01212003 In reply to Please contact the suppor ...

sorry if did not clarify the issue. all i need is an option on how to enter the set up of the laptop of my friend.

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Calling the vendor is your option

by jdclyde In reply to soory if i did not clarif ...

If you don't like that option, you can take it into the local computer shop and pay a computer professional to break the password for you.

Of course they will require proof of ownership before they do anything for you.

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and im just asking

by jinfei01212003 In reply to how can i?

and i am just asking on how can i enter the bios setup. im not asking for keys or something.

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Its not all about keys

by The Scummy One In reply to and im just asking

it is about cracking PW's. That was in your original post, the PW was forgotten.

Just to get into the BIOS it depends on the model./manufacturer. The most common is the esc. key, F2, F10 from my experiences. But, if it asks for a BIOS PW, call the manufacturer. If it asks for a drivelock PW, it is likely unrecoverable, if it asks for an admin PW, take it to a shop.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to and im just asking

a key down while powering up don't worry about the beeps. It should error and give you a screen that will guide you. If that dosn't work do a Google and type in "bios entry keys"

Edit: this is not an answer to your original question that you asked. TR frowns on asking for password help. Just thought that I might mention that.

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