How can new students gain experience in the IT field?

By rick151 ·
Most of you being IT Professionals, I figure I can get the best help right here. Here's my situation.

They say the early bird catches the worm. Well, I hope I'm not too early. Here's my dilemma. I'm currently a 33 year old CIS major with a minor in web design. I'm just in my early stages of my web design classes and haven't scratched the surface with any of my IT classes. I'm a full time rotating shift machine operator with no IT experience on my resume.

The questing is how can I somehow go about finding an employer and saying that I?m a new student, with no experience, but would like to gain some valuable experience by spending some time at your company? Learning about servers, the language, and everything else I should know. Sort of like an intern or something I guess.

I mean I am computer literate, more experienced then most administrative assistants with MS Office and even type 45wpm. So I wouldn?t be a complete dunce when it comes to computers like I have seen...I hope.

How would I even go about doing a cover letter? Or should I just wait for my IT classes to start??? I will be attending an IT networking event this coming Thursday here in Savannah Ga, and I could use all the help I can get.


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Try your State Labor office

by LarryD4 In reply to How can new students gain ...

You may want to talk or visit the web site of your state labor department. In New Jersey their are programs to assist people in gaining experience in a new industry.

In New Jersey all state agencies have an intern program where you could work as a intern in any of the state divisions. Though it is without pay.

But their are aganecies, in New Jersey its called WorkForce Development that can assist in getting you pointed in the right direction and will help in getting job interviews.

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Great advise

by rick151 In reply to Try your State Labor offi ...

I thought about this, then forgot that I thought about it. LOL What was stuck in my mind was that I needed a way to figure out how to personally ask a business to help me get this done. I'm about to be all over our labor department.


Anyone else? I plan on trying to use all ideas.

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Also consider charity work

by IC-IT In reply to Great advise

Many churches etc have a need for assistance with their computers or LANs.
There may be some charities near you that rebuild computers for the poor or conduct training sessions that you could help with.
Many of these allow you to work just a few hours a week.

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Non Profits in General

by JamesRL In reply to Also consider charity wor ...

Non profits do hire people for money, but gievn their status are often open to an unpaid short term job for experience, and many would give you a tax receipt. They tend to be generous in references.


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Standard Resume....

by ---TK--- In reply to How can new students gain ...

Then On the resume, have a link to your web page that SHOWS a lot of the work you have done... Not only showing you can but proving it!

When you go into an interview, I would take a portfolio of all the stuff you have done also. Such as print out the web page, and the code that you wrote behind it...

I would just start applying to jobs... the worst they can say is no. Eventually some one will give you a chance. When I was fresh out of college I sent out about 100 resumes to different companies... A few called back, and about 3 months later, I was hired....

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This is my advice to you ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to How can new students gain ...

Going back 20 years, I relocated 600 miles 'just for a change' without any job to go to.

I picked up a Yellow Pages, went to the pages for my THEN industry which was commercial printing, logged every printing company's name and address, composed a blanket covering letter to the managing director, enclosed a CV, and posted out 140 envelopes.

Two weeks later, I chose from 14 job interviews, and then 5 job offers. Admittedly I had experience to back up my endeavour.

But each guy that I spoke to at each interview, told me that they had NEVER before seen the type of approach that I had used.

It never hurts to simply SELL yourself. After all, you are your own product!!

**Ignore the Personnel / HR route. For initial contact by letter (you've only got the 1 chance) I'd avoid them like the plague. Go straight for the jugular, the guy that you'll eventually be working FOR and trying to IMPRESS.

If you can find out the actual name of the Managing Director, it'll show a bit of effort and interest on your part.

IMHO nothing works more efficiently than the personal approach.

THAT and NO BULLSH!T - tell the truth. :)


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