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How can our site avoid blocking on government and school networks?

By beth ·
Hi, everybody. I'm a freelance web designer working with a youth-
serving non-profit organization. My client's website is visited mostly
by teachers, students, and school resource officers running crime
watch programs in their schools.

But lately we've run into trouble with users in school networks and in
government organizations not being able to access our website at all.
I guess we're being blocked. This has been a persistent problem and
I'm at a loss how to explain it, much less fix it.

The website is hosted on a shared server. It has a discussion forum
for use by kids and adults trying to stop crime in their schools :-)
based on phpBB.

I have suggested that when these unhappy teachers call them up, they
should tell them to ask their IT admins to whitelist our site, but their
IT admins don't seem to have any answers either.

Is there anything at all that *I* can do?

I'm frustrated. The site is at Does anyone out there
have any insights??

Thanks much.

- Beth

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Talk to your hosting company

by NickNielsen In reply to How can our site avoid bl ...

It's possible one of the other sites they are hosting is listed on a spam blacklist and the site IP is being blocked.

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Troublesome Host

by shasca In reply to How can our site avoid bl ...

That site even blocked the State Firewall here.The link below shows the info for the provider. Does it look right to you?

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The site is listed on several spam sites

by NickNielsen In reply to How can our site avoid bl ...

It's listed as an open relay for emal. The IP is leased from BellSouth (now ATT).

Shasca, that IP is probably on the block list in your state's web filtering software. Speak to your IT department about the possibility of getting the site allowed.

Beth, you will need to speak to your provider and host to let them know that the target agencies for your site cannot access it because the IP appears to be blocked. They will have to take action to remove themselves from the block lists.

It looks like a good site with a worthwhile purpose. Best of luck to both of you.

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I'll talk to our webhost

by beth In reply to The site is listed on sev ...

Thanks, everyone, for the really useful insights. I've contact
our webhost. We have a good relationship with them and I'm
sure they'll do their best to resolve the problem. I'll post how
it turns out.

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How did it turn out?

by pat.stephenson In reply to I'll talk to our webhost

I am having a similar problem at work trying to see our band website from school. It's blocked.
I'm trying to figure out how to get the site to be recognized as an education site and don't know how.

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