How can this be done?

By jobs4vjlx16 ·
I have a branch office in the town called Morui which is using the 172.19.X.X/16 network.

FYI...The HQ is using the 172.16.X.X/16 network.

Due to some expansion we have added another another branch in the Morui town and intend to use the 172.19.X.X/16 network for this branch as well.

Because these 2 branches in Morui are around 10KM apart, we have got a dedicated Leased line from the ISP.

How do we configure both the remote branches to be able to communicate with each other and yet be known to the HQ as one single entity using the 172.19.X.X/16 network.

Pls...can someone explain how can this be done.

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by Mohammad Oweis In reply to How can this be done?

you can connect the two office in Morui with a new router in each site, and configure the router to use bridging instead of routing.
This way you could connect the two offices using the same subnet.
And from the old office in Morui you will be connected to HQ using old routers configured as routing.

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by jobs4vjlx16 In reply to Bridging

Can i still be using bridging on both the routers at Morui to achieve my
objective even if they are connecting using the ISP's leased line?

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by Mohammad Oweis In reply to Bridging?

Yes indeed, i was using the same method before about two year.
I was connecting three sites by leased lines and using bridging, but if you have large network it will be slow.
This is what happened to me, we grow up significantly and had to use different subnets and enable routing.

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Bridging works

by jobs4vjlx16 In reply to Bridging

Thanks pal for your information.
I have just implemented bridging and it works.


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try frame relay

by CG IT In reply to How can this be done?

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