How can tight VNC be used for remote desktop interfacing: remote computing

By wmarr ·
I have a potential client (medical field Dr.) who has an office in town. But the documentation for billing purposes(including the app.) is located on another computer at the Home office. I told this Dr. about using tight VNC for remote accessing the other computer from the office. (and vice versa). I have used it on my own in-house network but never have had to set it up for accessing two different computers on different networks that would have to communicate virtually over the internet through the ISP. I do understand that the network addressing would have to be labeled and static. But I don't know just how in detail it is done. Could someone please help me out here? Or should I be using a different network app. for this type of setup. Any recommendations? Your help would be certainly appreciated. Thanks in advance. wmarr

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You need to establish a Virtual Private Network

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How can tight VNC be used ...
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You could also use remote desktop

by tintoman In reply to How can tight VNC be used ...

Provided that your doctor client is not running home versions of Windows, in all cases though you will need to open an account with someone like DYNDns to get a host name which can be permanently associated with your client's computers, and you will need to load a DNS updater programme to his computers if his IP addresses change. Have a look at this link to learn more about how dynamic DNS services work.

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Reponse To Answer

by wmarr In reply to You could also use remote ...

Thanks for the info, I read your preferred MS article, and saved it. I am going to do a "dry run" LOL for practice to see how things work before I commit to fixing the good Docs problem. I will also see what others have for an answer (most likely the same thing, but maybe there may be a bit more detail that I might have overlooked. I basically repair home PC's, basic hardware and software. I have another job now and just work on computers on the side. I am a bit behind the times (that's an understatement) on the latest computer stuff, so I imagine that my questions here at TR might become more frequent.

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Remote Desktop/VPN [All-in-One

by bobby.aviles In reply to How can tight VNC be used ...

Hey wmarr,

Keep it simple. Try using this application: [Remote Desktop].

I use it at my help desk and for personal use.

Good Luck!


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