how can troubleshoot a hard drive that can not be detected?

By Magala ·
i have my sea gate hard drive size 40GB which is currently having an OS of Windows XP but i have tried to mount it as an external on another machine but it can not be detected under My Computer. Please advice

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hi does the bios detect it?

by markp24 In reply to how can troubleshoot a h ...

Hi, does your bios detect the drive?

Also it may nto be detecting it if its not getting enough power (maybe you need an external power source)

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Is the drive spinning up and initializing?

by robo_dev In reply to how can troubleshoot a h ...

A normal drive motor spins up and you hear it do a little click-click noise when it initializes.

If the drive is dead silent, or of the drive goes click click click....whirrrrr....click click click....whirrrr then spins down, it's time to send the drive to a data recovery company.

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USB Adapter

by TheChas In reply to how can troubleshoot a h ...

I presume you are using an IDE to USB adapter to connect the drive.

Is external power connected to the drive?

Do you hear / feel the drive spin up when power is connected?

Do you have the USB device icon in the system tray?

If the drive is spinnin up, and you have the USB device icon in the system tray, open settings / control panel. Select administrative tolls, computer management, disk management.

You should see your external drive listed but grayed out. If so, you need to click on the drive and mount / initialize the drive. This is not the same as formatting.

If the drive does not show up in disk manager, then you need to step back through the power and USB connections to get the drive to recognized by Windows.


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How are you connecting the drive to the other computer?

Are you using a USB hd connector? If not, you'll need to run power cable from the
PS to the drive. Does this drive have jumpers? At only 40 gb, it appears to be of an
older generation, if it has jumpers, may need to set it as "slave" or "cable select".
You may be better off installing it inside the case as a second HD and not as an
external device.

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What OS is on the Computer that you are using the external Case with?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to how can troubleshoot a h ...

Many new Windows OS's are incapable of reading older Partition Types even if they are NTFS as New Security Features in the Newer Versions of Windows do not support the older Partition Types.

Also does this External Case actually work with this computer that you are using? If it's a newer M$ Windows version the Chip Set in the External Case may not be supported even though the case worked perfectly with XP.

Does this drive show in the computer that it came out of? If it does then your current issue is to do with the computer and/or external case that you are now using.

I would try refitting the drive to the computer that it came out of and testing the drive with Seatools for DOS which is available free here



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