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How Can User Change System Clock Without

By gmeades ·
We do not allow users to be the local administrators of their NT4 Workstations at my installation, but I have a user who needs to change their system clock in order to do their job. I can find no registry setting, no policy, or any other method of allowing a user to change their systems clock without them also being the local administrator of their box. does anyone know how this can be accomplished?

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How Can User Change System Clock Without

by avachon In reply to How Can User Change Syste ...

Hi, you could add that one user to the user right to change the system time. The user would not receive any other administrative rights or privileges. In user manager for domains, open policies, user rights, scroll through the box until "change system time" appears and add that one user. Hope this helps.

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How Can User Change System Clock Without

by gmeades In reply to How Can User Change Syste ...

going through user manager/policies and adding the user to the Change System Time policy adds the user to both the local administrator group as well as the power users group. That has been the source of vexation. Apparently the GUI is just an alternative way of adding the user to both groups in one shot. However, I have discovered that by manually adding the user to the local power users group they have the ability to change the system time in addition to managing directories and printers. This is probably the best solution. The only thing now is whether any other sysadmin at work will have any objections to this user having the ability to share out their directories, though if they aren't informed that they can the odds are they'll never try as it will never occur to them. But a definite Thank You for the response... :-)

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