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How can we sure that Oracle DBMS Strategy is reliable

By cachifox ·
According to Leading Analyst: "RAC Should be a Part of Your Oracle DBMS Strategy."

My question is, How can we sure the reliability of Oracle DBMS if we will integrate RAC (Real Application Clusters)?

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How can you be sure of anything

by JamesRL In reply to How can we sure that Orac ...

When in doubt - test.

I don't know about RAC - I've been out of Oracle environments for a few years. But if its an application cluster - design some tests. Load tests (test it till it breaks), disaster recovery tests, fail over tests(cluster - should be able to pull the plug on one computer in the cluster and see how quickly it recovers).

Of course you don't want to find these out in a production environment - so either your oracle vendor kindly assists you in finding a test site or you rent some hw and set one up yourself.


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Absolutely I'm not sure

by cachifox In reply to How can you be sure of an ...

Absolutely I'm not sure and maybe I will add 4 units of computers out of that testing methods

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Lease to own.

by JamesRL In reply to Absolutely I'm not sure

You can often negotiate a lease or rental with a clause that says if you have a succesful test you can exercise an option to buy with the rental payments deducted from the final price - happens all the time.

A cluster requires more hardware than running a stand alone server - you have to determine whether the extra cost gives you anything in terms of improved performance, flexibility and ability to recover from a fault. If you don't prove you get those things, why pay more?


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Or just a straight lease

by stress junkie In reply to Lease to own.

Of course the method of acquiring capital equipment should really be the jurisdiction of the financial people. Within that caveat it seems to me that businesses should usually lease rather than purchase. The only reason for this is depreciation. In the US capital depreciation is complicated but lease payments are fully deductible in the year that they are made.

That's my understanding but I'm no financial expert. I just volunteered this idea for further investigation.

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Well.. it works for me!

by big_j_c In reply to How can we sure that Orac ...

I have been running Oracle 9iRAC databases for over a year, and OPS for several years before that. For 9iRAC in conjunction with TAF (Transparent Application Failover), we have had very good reliability apart from if one node panics and crashes where TAF does not work until the TCP keepalive time is reached (default 2 hours.... duh!). Aside from that one instance, I can report 100% reliability, including surviving database instance failure, listener failure, application server failure, etc. Will go to 10GRAC next year.

Why do you want to go to RAC? is the real question.

If you suffer from poor performing "crapplication" code, it will still be crap after you go to RAC, and you will have more nodes poorly performing than you had before! Also if your application code isnt set up for failover, then you may be asking for trouble.

There are two reasons to go RAC... high availability and scalability. For scalability, if you can upgrade your existing hardware, add more cpu/memory, etc, then do that first. If you cant upgrade it, then you can increase capacity by adding extra boxes in a RAC system.

I guess you would have a lot of testing to do! too!

My advice, be sure you really need to go to RAC and design everything up front for RAC. Dont try to bolt it on later. You would be better advised to do a box upgrade on your current server if you need more capacity.

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According to them integration of RAC in Oracle DBMS is good

by cachifox In reply to Well.. it works for me!

According to them integration of RAC in Oracle DBMS is good but I did not means I will expense too much and put all my invistment If go for RAC?

There are two points between 1.)If I will be successful-will it's good, or 2.)Failure- no return of investment.

What it should be?

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