How can you correctly install a LK-450 expanded keyboard in Windows S2003?

By Asmodias1 ·
Hi, I have been asked to connect an LK450 expanded ps/2 keyboard to our Windows server 2003 machine.
It connects through a ps/2 to USB converter and then a USB KVMX expander as the PC has no PS/2 ports.

The problem is that not all the keys seem to be mapped, in particular the F16/F17 keys. This leads me to believe it is a
driver problem.

I was wondering if anyone else has encountered this problem and if so how did they solve it?

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Try following the directions available here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How can you correctly ins ...

The main part that is of use should be this but you'll need to full page for the Link tot he Download. You should be able to use the Windows 2000 Server Driver if they do not list a 2003 Driver. :0

Download and Install Keyboard Support
6. To install Reflection LK450, LK460, or LK461 support in Reflection 12.0 through 14.x, select Reflection LK450 Support from the list of Attachmate programs to install and click Workstation Install.
The latest version of the LK450 keyboard is available from the Download Library. This version is included in Reflection version 13.0 or higher and contains the following fixes:
Resolves a problem where users get the error ?Unable to install chosen layout. Please contact your administrator? when selecting the LK450 layout.
The LK450 (WRQ layout) keyboard support now allows users who are not members of the Windows Administrative group to configure their keyboard layout as the WRQ LK450 layout.
To download and install the latest version of the LK450 keyboard, follow these steps.
Download the file LK1206.EXE from the Download Library.
2. Close all running applications (so system files can be updated if needed).
3. Double-click LK1206.EXE, and then click Unzip to extract the files.
4. In the Reflection LK450 Support Installation Wizard, click Next to start the installation.
5. Accept the License Agreement and verity your customer Information. Click Next to start the installation.
6. Click Finish to complete the installation.

Configure Windows XP
Use the following procedure to configure LK450, LK460, or LK461 keyboard support under Windows XP.
1. Click Start > (Settings, for Classic users) > Control Panel.
2. Click Regional and Language Options.
3. On the Languages tab, click Details.
4. Under Installed services, click Add.
5. Under Keyboard layout/IME, select <language>-WRQ LK450 layout, or <language> LK 450 (WRQ layout). Click OK.
6. Under Default input language, select <language>-WRQ LK450 layout, or <language> LK 450 (WRQ layout). Click OK and then close the Control.


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Proprietry Driver

by Asmodias1 In reply to Try following the directi ...

I don't suppose you know where I could get that driver for free? I had a look around and couldn't see anything :-(

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Afraid Not EOM

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Proprietry Driver

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