How can you get microsoft store apps on your school computer?

By TechBannana627 ·
How can you get microstore apps on a school computer? When we first got our school computers they were stripped down to the bare minimum apps (Paint, Notepad, Snipping tool, etc.) When I try to get apps from the microsoft store though, it says "You'll need a new app for this ms-windows-store" They removed all of the good quility windows store apps like Calendar, Calculator, Mail, Camera, Maps. I tried to look up a way to download the store through command propmpts, but of course it requiers a admin password. All of the windows settings, menus, and windows ink all reference the microsoft store, but there isnt one on the computer. When leaving a suggestion keep in mind that I cant run exe files, I cant go to certain websites, but I can download certain files as long as they arent exe ones. ALso dont just tell me to "talk to my asmin"

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Be thankful the school administration

GAVE you a computer! If you already knew the admin would not let you side load apps, the Store, etc., then basically what it boils down to is you want someone to tell you how to circumvent (yes, I realize it is a BIG word, look it up online) the controls that have been put in place, more or less for your protection as well as to lessen the liability exposure of the school. ASK YOUR ADMIN, and show a bit of gratitude.

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