How can you hide an active directory profile.

By wbritton ·
I am missing two account profiles from my active directory, however, the clients are still able to logon to their computers. I have searched my servers and I still cannot find them. Can a virus cause such an occurence,or, is more effective security in order.

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did someone delete them?

by CG IT In reply to How can you hide an activ ...

Account profiles just don't go missing in Active Directory.. they have to be deleted and only domain administrators or delegates [delegated authority] can delete them.

clients would use cached credentials stored on their machine but are not authenticating to the domain controller. further, if their user accounts are deleted from active directory, then all rights and permissions assigned to them are removed as well.

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Did someone delete them?

by wbritton In reply to did someone delete them?

This cannot be the case, else the clients could not logon to the network. I did not delete them and they are not where I put them.

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Accidently moved?

by Kenone In reply to How can you hide an activ ...

I did that once but I don't remember how. I moved a profile to a group instead of adding it to the group.

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storage locations....

by CG IT In reply to Accidently moved?

physically moving the storage location of a user profile requires someone to move the user profile storage path to another location.

that doesn't change Active Directory settings for the account. All your really doing is physically moving the storage location of a profile.

typically happens with roaming profiles when storage space runs out [profiles grow to big]and you have to move them to some place else.

one can search the DC or network for where the storage location for a specific profile is....if you know the file name.

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Storage Location

by wbritton In reply to storage locations....

This sounds like the most likely reason. The clients are still able to logon to the network so they have to be around some. What troubles me most is I did not move them. I have experienced running out of space and the clients are not able to logon to the system which required creating another storage location. However, such is not the case now. I will try searching the DC.


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Accidentally moved.

by wbritton In reply to Accidently moved?

That is also a possibility. I will try searching my servers as suggested.


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You probably know this but

by IC-IT In reply to Accidentally moved.

Insure on your Active Directory Users and Computers window you Select View - check Advanced Features.

that way after the searc you may right click the found object and request name mappings; this shows you the OU path.

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