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How can you ****-OFF a Customer ?

By just_chilin ·
How can you possibly ****-off an arrogant customer (tech support) without being fired?

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Stupid IT tricks

by BFilmFan In reply to How can you ****-OFF a Cu ...

Instead of asking how to upset your client, your effort might be better spent finding a resolution for the issue.

Otherwise, study to be Don Rickles stand-in.

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I'm actually looking for both

by lewhich In reply to Stupid IT tricks

I'm looking for both and will give the customer which ever one I get first

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by Oz_Media In reply to How can you ****-OFF a Cu ...

That person has enough trouble in life anyway.

Best way to get back at someone, kill 'em with kindness. Pretend the customer is God, ask HIM a few questions.

Bt the bottom line is, if you are actually seeing your customers as arrogant, you are not in the right profession. Customers aren't supposed to be able to **** someone off, if they do, you lose, not the customer.

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by TonytheTiger In reply to Why?

Those who have never been pissed off by a customer have truly led sheltered lives.

That said, the trick to survival is to never let them know it.

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Hold Button

by NetSec In reply to

The hold button was invented for a reason: Put your exasperating customer on hold and let loose a primal scream or two. Get back on the phone and either give them a solution, or, tell them you will need to research it and you will get back to them. Every hour, call them and let them know you are still working on it and haven't forgotten them.

Remember that sometimes it's what the customer ISN'T Saying as much as it is what they say. I provide support for people who call and say they did one thing, but it turns out that what they actually did had nothing to do with what they said they did. You learn what questions to ask, and if they get impatient, you advise them that you are trying to elimate possibilities that might have cause their problem.

I've had people call up screaming and cussing at me. I've literally told them to please take a few deep breathes to calm down so I can help them. If you maintain a police, interested tone and project a sincere desire to help fix their problem, there isn't a customer on the face of the earth you can't turn around.

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Where do you work?

by Evil 9 In reply to Hold Button

I wish life were as simple as you project it. In a former job, I was responsible for the security of the production environment for the ERP of a Fortune 500. The simple fact is, sometimes you simply can not give the customer what they want for whatever reason (SEC regulations, system security, license agreements, software constraints, the laws of physics, the space-time continuum, etc.). Very seldom does an irate customer take "no" as an answer. I NEVER tell a customer "no" just because they annoy me or whatever--it is ALWAYS for a valid reason. However, such customers will generally try to make your life miserable by crawling up your chain of command until they find a manager who is more concerned with schmoozing than with fulfilling their responsibility (to provide quality IT service rather than temporary expedience).

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Whereever you work

by tisso_jayo In reply to Where do you work?

You just do not work for the love of it. It gives you your living. Customer is the one who provide with your employer's income who in turn give you your share of input that makes the product the customer wanted.
I always try to have repeat customers by building up confidence, being nice and corporating, meeting deadlines, explaining issues and shortcomings, etc, etc

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pass it up yourself

by xalorous In reply to Where do you work?

The poster was explaining how to calm a customer down. His advice applies when dealing witha anyone from mail clerk to CEO's as well. Present them with a calm demeanor, don't let them see/hear you upset, work the solution. If the problem is one of the ones you listed (beyond your control, paygrade, whatever) simply inform the customer of the reason you cannot give them what they want.

Use your corporate policy manual, the SEC regulations, your college physics book, whatever, and teach them why it won't work. Let them know that you WANT to help.

If they still won't take no for an answer, pass the trouble ticket up the chain yourself. If they won't take no for an answer, put them on hold, tell your supervisor what you are doing and why, then tell the customer that you cannot help them, here is the supervisor, or the supervisor's contact information.

If you cannot see the logic in these type suggestions, you may need to reconsider your profession.

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Well in that case

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Where do you work?

You should pass them up the line or at the very least to the next level so you have done your job properly.

You never leave a customer dangling you always pass them up the line particularly when it comes to the legal or security issues so far I've never had one that I couldn't talk around although it has taken quite a bit of time to do but when they insist on knowing something that is in direct contravention of legal issues or basic security I just turn the situation around and ask them would they be happy if I was to give out information about them or their network to an outside party just because they demanded it? So far that has worked 100% of the time.

Col ]:)

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by just_chilin In reply to Where do you work?

That is exactly what I am going thru... but the customer has very strong ties around here

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