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How can your company benefit from online meetings?

By jasonhiner Moderator ·
What benefits can online meetings offer to your company? How does your company currently handle multimedia in meetings with people in different locations?

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this is a no brainer

by ProcessManager In reply to How can your company bene ...

The benefits of online meetings and other collaborative technologies are multi-fold. NetMeeting, WebEx and Meeting Place are three of the technologies we use at my work as well as videoconferencing. The biggest problem I have seen with these technologies is acceptance. Most are very easy to use but to get the end user community to embrace them is daunting. The office in which I work has had videoconferencing capabilities for 6 years, yet it gets sporadic use. To make a call is as simple as pressing three buttons, yet it doesn?t get used effectively. Coupled with the online meeting capabilities, travel and the hassle traveling entails, could be cut considerably. Another benefit of online meetings is the better use of resources, why take the people and the tools they use from an office to another site and run the risk of not having what is needed. True not all meetings could be done via online but enough could be done to recognize savings

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by Roscojim In reply to this is a no brainer

I've tried numerous times to get online meetings going here, and it just never happens. My manager wants it as well, but it's hard to get buy-in from up the line. We also need the IT department to support us, and that won't happen. We try doing it on our own, but then we run into network hurdles, etc.

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part of the problem, not the solution

by Court IT In reply to Agreed

Unfortunately (and I can say this as part of the IT "support" structure here) the IT people are often the problem with implementing technology like this. "Extra work", "extra load on the network", "they don't need another toy to misuse", "see what happens when we give them internet access" "who's got time to troubleshoot and support another process" are just some of the comments from the folks up here in the IT attic whenever something like this is broached. These are all valid to semivalid points, but they're simply issues to be resolved, not the stake in the haart of any project.

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Problem without solution?

by gchiock In reply to part of the problem, not ...

I agree with you. nevertheless, one must keep in mind that the technology has been created to satisfy the needs of the humanity and the IT technology is not exempt of this objective. The problems of security or support that are presented for the services'implementation for complying with these requests could be solved if the persons are it sufficiently coached and above all motivated to utilize conveniently these tools and to avoid the promiscuity of the communications. It's good remember that today in any One must recall that these not alone tools are used for the work but also as a tool of generic communication.

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