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How can your IT department benefit from the TechNet Virtual Lab?

By jasonhiner Moderator ·
Which of the TechNet labs do you think your IT department would use the most?

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OK, I'll bite...

by shiny_topadm In reply to How can your IT departmen ...

Jason, I obviously missed something; What is a TechNet Virtual Lab and where do I find them? If they're on this site I can't navigate there. Are they part of the TechPro Guild that I don't subscribe to? I'm certainly not unfamiliar with your site but will admit that the most recent changes seem to me to be more complicated and confusing than ever, so it hasn't been worth my time to explore too much.

Of course, now that I've shot my mouth off with the first thing that came to mind, I've 'googled' the phrase and found the Microsoft TechNet site which probably explains everything. Since we don't use Microsoft products for our business-critical functions, I don't spend time reviewing their newest products. (I already spend far too much time "maintaining" the MS products that are in use here!)

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Sorry about the confusion ... here's a link

by jasonhiner Moderator In reply to OK, I'll bite...

TechNet Virtual Lab

This discussion post is going to be tied to a blog entry on the TechNet Virtual Lab as part of's new interface elements that debut next week. Again, sorry for the confusion.

Regards, Jason

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by ray_drummond In reply to Sorry about the confusion ...

It looks pretty interesting. I'll probably be working with most of them as I try to figure out a completel solution for a client's network.

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A great pre-deployment resource!

by WebWolf In reply to How can your IT departmen ...

I've used the Windows 2003 and IIS6 labs to get an idea of potential deployment issues and strategies before rolling the applications out in my network. A very useful tool!

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