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How closely do you follow the developments of Windows Vista?

By jasonhiner Moderator ·
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That's the subject of a new TechRepublic poll? Here are the choices:

- Very closely, it is the next big thing
- Closely, it will impact me and/or my business
- Somewhat Closely, I will need to work with it eventually
- Not very closely, it won't matter for a while
- Not at all, I have no plans to use it

How close are you following Vista and why?

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Personally speaking

by Neil Higgins In reply to How closely do you follow ...

it has to be: Not very closely, it won't matter for a while.As a Linux,and XP user at home,I have just about things settled,give or take the odd thousand security issues.To suddenly jump ship,and set sail on the liner Vista,is a no-no.I'l wait till things have gone quiet,before I decide to throw the dice,and see what problems have emerged in the wild.(Public release)
At work,we are basically XP Pro,and Mac OS 10.Linux was rejected here,as too complex,and too many versions for the staff to navigate.So we stick with the status quo.Vista may be looked at when the budget is more relaxed,and the seniors have had time to digest Vista close-up,probably on a test machine,well away from all the delicate stuff,and nothing to be dismissed for.
Outside,in the real world,I'l have to visit close relatives,who have hinted that they are planning to upgrade to Vista,and do a lot of keyboard bashing,and desktop soul-searching.What version I eventually have a play with,is anyone's guess,as I've lost count,with seperate 32bit,and 64bit codes at the ready.
Whilst I'm not getting excited at all the print,and video hype,it is one OS that will not go away,and one that I will have to get to grips with eventually.

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Vista, What Vista?

by onbliss In reply to How closely do you follow ...

Not at all, I have no plans to use it @Home

At work, even as a .Net developer I do not play a part in the decision making process of OS selection/upgrades. For my development efforts XP Pro or Windows 2000 has met my needs.

At home, I have XP Pro on my personal laptop and desktop. Been happy with XP so far than the 98SE that I had earlier. 98SE kept crashing on me. XP Pro has not crashed even once (touchwood. knock knock.)

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Depends on the sourse...

by dawgit In reply to How closely do you follow ...

Yes, I do follow the devolopment (have since Longhorn started) but there's too much hype and more B.S. out there than anyone needs. There are good leads however- one case ] from Tech-Rep member HAL 9000 (good too Col)
others of course; MicroSoft (some times)
and since I live in Europe, there are other, different sourses simply because things (including MS OSs) are just different here.

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Will get, but will wait . . .

by Apres Ski In reply to Depends on the sourse...

I have been following it because I am a corporate trainer and I know I will be called upon to teach some workers how to use Vista because they lied on their resumes.

I will definitely get Vista, but I'll wait until the last possible moment to get it. At home I use XP Pro & Mac X. I'm reading everything I can get my hands on because my students/clients will come into class and have a million questions.

As the instructor, I'm always on the frontline and I just want to be ready for the onslaught of . . . how do I . . .

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Not At All, I will not use or support it.....

by Jaqui In reply to How closely do you follow ...

All MS software is malware, and as such is to be removed at first opportunity.

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Surviving without Microsoft

by Apres Ski In reply to Not At All, I will not us ...

The problem is its Microsoft's bat & ball, hardware & software. We are left scrambling to find good substitutes for their software because we have to work.

Some companies ban all MS software & use various substitutes, Word=WordPerfect,, Excel=Lotus, Quattro Pro, etc & this means as individuals, as well as trainers, we are forced to learn 2 alternate software programs in order to survive 'removing all current MS software'!

I find myself telling my students they must not only learn Word, but WordPerfect, Lotus & Excel, etc, if they want to survive in the job market. You never know where you'll land in it & you need to be prepared as much as you can.

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add to the list

by Jaqui In reply to Surviving without Microso ...

Koffice suite.

I don't even install open office, because of it's requirement for java.

The best idea is to focus the course on the types of controls available for word / text processing, rather than app specific tools, then they will know generally what can be done, and easily find the app specific tools to do it.

if someone only knows ms gui based tools, getting put in front of a system that is all cli will screw them totally. I do not think that a gui is a good thing, and default every machine to text mode / command line. if they can't figure out how to do anything, then they aren't going to last very long.

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The Backlash against MS

by Apres Ski In reply to add to the list

The backlash against MS has spawned it's own business. It's kept WordPerfect/OpenOffice in business & now, you & me.

My job is to train individuals. This means I have to look at what the market is doing, even if it means having to learn programs like OpenOffice. Most companies let you know what software their company uses. However, there is always 1 or 2 that are using the 'alternative' software. That's when people freak out because all they've ever known is MS products & completely clueless about any type of DOS-based product.

Most people don't last very long, but that's a good thing. That's my cue to come in & train so the company doesn't get sued.

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