how come i cannot see any of my portable drives in "my comp" ?

By jaanzyvan123 ·
hello . i have a problem lately that's why i have signed in in this forum. i wondered how come i cannot access my drives(USB, SD,..etc.) when i plugged it in?? . i have my drivers updated and all bt still it persists. please can anyone help me ?? ...

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What OS is being used here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to how come i cannot see any ...

And assuming that it is some form of Windows what is shown in Device or Drive Manager when these devices are plugged in?


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Did you check system BIOS

by rafi.mohammed In reply to how come i cannot see any ...

Did you check system BIOS, to check USB ports are disabled or something ??

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i have already solved it ^^

by jaanzyvan123 In reply to how come i cannot see any ...

i have already solved it hehe it's just the freakin usb disk security setting i panicked and forgot the password thats why i uninstalled cuz i thought that the settings of the app would die with it... but it didnt no matter how tweaks it just didnt workout therefor i installed it and tried so many of my passwords with luck i have unlocked it LOL

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tell me how you solved it

by ArnavKumar In reply to i have already solved it ...

how did you change settings? Is this setting for usb or for usb port?

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what's wrong with it

by JohnThorone In reply to how come i cannot see any ...

Have you ever set your drive hidden or invisible while connecting to PC for data security?
If not, guess you could check the bios or the system setting.
Still not find it? then guess you need change a computer to try again, and see what's goin on

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