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How come my Webserver can be seen from the outside not from the inside?

By dewbryant ·
I upgraded our webserver from windows 2003 to 2008. It works great, but the only problem i am having is that i can see it from the public address and not the private within our network. Outside of our network i can also see the website..but not internally with the private address. I checked the dns. it is on the foward and reverse lookups. It just wont get past the router which connects to remote locations which is connected(point to multipoint). Anyone have any ideas?

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I have this problem on some machines in my house

by Slayer_ In reply to How come my Webserver can ...

I don't know why, solution was to edit the windows hosts file to make it work properly.

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look at the IIS web site properties

by CG IT In reply to How come my Webserver can ...

if it's set to use all unassigned addresses with host headers, then local lan users need to use the domain name [or public address and http port number].

Local lan users cann't use the private non routable address as IIS doesn't recognize the private address as belonging to the site. It only uses host headers which is the FQDN and that resolves to the public address.

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I figured out the problem, was configuration inside 2008

by dewbryant In reply to look at the IIS web site ...

I figured out the problem, with assistance of another. We did traceroute and ping from routers and they were going thru but we couldnt figure out why it was going through. Until someone that works indepth with windows said that windows server 2008 has 3 firewalls. Which are Domain, Private, and public. We did configurations on public why we could see it using public address and not domain and private. But that was what was going on that domain and private were on and not letting anything pass through. We turned it off and could ping it from remote sites and website displayed. So if you are setting up web server 2008. I would watch out for that.

to do changes on it..its under my computer and right click do manage and click configurations and firewalls... I hope this helps someone else.

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Ah the network and sharing center.

by CG IT In reply to I figured out the problem ...

well glad you found the problem.

I've found that the network and sharing center can really be a problem because any connection that can't reach the internet is labled public and has the public firewall setting applied which basically blocks everything.

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