How common is it for team members to make more money than the team lead?

By Stateless ·
I've been asked to be the "team lead" on a series of large and complex SharePoint projects. One of the team members, who will be reporting directly to me, has a significantly higher salary. When I mentioned this discrepancy to my manager, I was told that it wasn't uncommon in IT for this to be the case. Any other project manager/team leads in the same situation? Is this actually common?

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I guess it would depend

by philldmc In reply to How common is it for team ...

I guess it would depend on the particular skill set.. Does this individual have unique skills that no one else does? I've seen cases where I've worked with people that really don't have leadership skills but they have valuable skills that make them in demand.

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Depends on the company and people involved

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How common is it for team ...

If there is a person who doesn't even need to be overly great but just a good worker many companies will leave them in place and promote others who do not do as much work into Management positions.

Of course there are also the companies who promote people to have a Scape Goat when things go wrong and not affect their core staff who do much more work than others.


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What discrepancy?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to How common is it for team ...

It's not the norm, but examples aren't hard to find.

He's more valuable to them than you are so he gets paid more, if you want to be paid more, become more valuable. Parity is for sad people who can't compete.

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Pay is based on several factors.

by xpstroop In reply to How common is it for team ...

HR tries to keep salaries low. People are paid what it takes to get them to come to the company. If someone makes more then me, he had conditions which allowed him to be more competitive. Wherever you start, you can go up once your value is realized. Its up to you to risk what you have to get it. Relationships may change just for asking for more.

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