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how config palm os to account software

By joseluistech ·
I work in a small office that sell phone cards I do all the technical stuff the director want me implement.they do route sales they write all invoices hen the get to the office they input again the invoices I want to use palm so they just input how many cards the custumer want. and be able to print from the palm. when they come back to the office syncronize with quick books. I want to create inventory to know how many card I have on hand. if any body know how can accomplish this project. I appecite your help

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by dlantz In reply to how config palm os to acc ...

Previously, I worked for a company that used Palm, RIM, PocketPC extensivley. I

f the palms are wireless then you could make a web interface of somekind (we had an .asp) connected to a database where your field people could check the avaliablity of the cards, order them etc. This would also help in your inventory. as for getting it to quick books I have not used it and dont know what the file types are that you can import. I would suspect that you can save the info from the palm and get into a formated excel sheet and then import that. I would also think that quick books has a palm based version for the business travler.
Printing of the invoices is another issue. There are IR printers out there that you can use and if all you are wanting to do is print a receipt more or less most of the printers that I have seen have a form generation software or do a screen print. If you data base it with a web interface you could do the screen print or have it (web site) generate an emial with the receipt in it.

I know it looks like a daunting task but its not really, the hardest part is developing the database and the logic, making the web pasges is easy enough and for the printing you can get readymade solutions.

Dave Lantz

Hope that helps some.

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