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How detailed are your companies time sheets?

By countrytechie ·
I recently left a company that required time keeping down to the 5 minute level. If you went to the rest room or got a soda you were supposed to report it on you time sheet so you would not recieve credit for that time.

My manager told me that this was how all companies ran though I have yet to find any that did. I was given an example of how my manager was keeping her time sheets and I found she had logged on her timesheets personal conversations with others with details including medical problems the person was having, doctor's appts, family issues etc.

The philosophy of this company was that full time people worked until the job was done and on the flip side management was to make sure that there was always more work to be done. So you had to show you logged hours for evenings and weekends and recieve permission to be out of touch for more than 15 minutes during those times.

Example would be if I wanted to see a movie with my family on a Sunday. I would get told I could go on the condition that I page her when I get back so she knows I am available.

I would even get calls on my cell phone on the way to the doctor because my manager wanted me to be thinking about this or that problem while on the appt. The time for the call and the time at the doctor's while I was thinking about the problem was not to be logged as work time however.

Anyone else ever get themselves caught up in this kind of problem? Any managers out there actually think this is the way to run a business?

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Nahhh That ain't right.

by Zen37 In reply to How detailed are your com ...

That sounds more like exploitation to me. I would not of agreed to any of this. If it meant taking the door to do so, so be it.

I don't know where some managers get this idea that humans should behave like machines. We can't behave like machines, our feelings prevents us from doing so. And to be honest, thank God that's so.

Your situation sounds so much like Russia and East Germany of old. I don't know whether to laugh or organize an underground liberation movement.

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The Boiling Frog

by countrytechie In reply to Nahhh That ain't right.

Well this was a case of it didn't start that way just slowly evolved. I was promised lots of things would happen like my kids college paid for. I took out a plus loan. Lucrative retirement package. Nonexhistant.

It was the required logging of my restroom breaks that let me know things had gone to far. I even had a timesheet returned because my boss felt I could not have worked 4 straight hours without a restroom break. Also at no time was it ever mentioned that work over 40hrs be conpensated (but was definatly expected) but work under 40 hrs would be docked which is a violation of federal law.

One of the reasons I am asking these questions is the company wants me to work for them part time. So if the timesheet detail issue comes up again I need some evidence to fight it. Not sure why I am even considering part time misplaced loyalty I guess. Or maybe hopes that I may finally get what is owed me (more on that later).

I also didn't like that my medical issues were detailed in her timesheet. (problem, doctor seen etc) I wonder if that is a hippa violation.

There was also some creativity in the pay schedule but I will post that on the career site at a later date. But basically ever been put on full commision as a senior developer?

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Insanity Management

by BFilmFan In reply to How detailed are your com ...

The only way to deal with people that insane is to have them involuntarily committed.

I have heard of management that performs actions like these, but have been blessed to never encounter them.

I can assure you that almsot no large corporate entity operates this way as they would be wide-open to lawsuits for creating hostile workplaces and engendering mental disorders in employees.

Who knows, perhaps this manager has a death obsession and is secretly hoping she can push enough employees until she can find a really unstable one that will assist her in commiting suicide?

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by afram In reply to How detailed are your com ...

That sounds rough.

At my last employer, ever employee had a slash card that unlocked the entrace doors and kept a record of the time. People were expected to slash in in the morning, leaving for lunch, returning from lunch, and before leaving at the end of the day. Employees were supposed to be able to be reached by cel phone 24/7 but it in 5 years, I think I was called about 5 times.

My current employer does not keep track of hours at all. We have the ability to do so with key FOBs/electric door locks, but we don't bother.

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by jbaker In reply to ugh

Unless I work overtime or take vacation, sick time or bonus time (in exchange for OT), we do not even have to do a timesheet. However, if I were an hourly employee instead of a salaried one, I would have to clock in and out via proximity badge. We do have a buzzer system that lets the production employees know when it is time for breaks and lunches, though.

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Your job is your life?

by StargateFan In reply to How detailed are your com ...

Did you ask this manager what she was smoking?
I work on a U.S. Navy contract. The government timesheet requirements are simple. Record clock-in time and clock-out time and state the time period (.5 hour) for lunch. Short breaks are assumed. That's it.
Anything else constitutes a violation of privacy.

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The only problem with that is

by TonytheTiger In reply to How detailed are your com ...

that filling out the forms takes a more substantial part of your day.

It annoys me to no end... a user comes down and asks for a print cartridge, I spend 20 seconds getting it for her, and 90 seconds entering it into the helpdesk software.

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Message has been deleted.

by nilemosley In reply to How detailed are your com ...
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Could this be the oldest zombie EVER?

by Bizzo In reply to Message has been deleted.

It's over 1200 days old!

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I don't know, but let's declare it as such.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Could this be the oldest ...

Since no one has been keeping records, it's as good a place as any to start. Are you volunteering to be the official Crypt Keeper?

I almost flagged it as spam, but decided not to. Had the poster appended the same ad to other topics, I would have been all over it.

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