How did my email account get compromized?

By joezep1 ·
Dear Fello IT Folks,

Wanted to get and IDEA from the experts just how someone was able to do the following which has devastated me because I have been using the email account for years. Any direction, leads or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Even as to which personal email to go with which may have a better chance of this not happening. OK. I received a phone call from a friend who wanted to alert me of a strange email he said he got from me. This is what I found looks like happened. I have been using and account ea. for years and years had 58 emails in my inbox and several folders (25-30) with emails saved etc..Someone had to somehow get into it (I had a strong password too). They then proceeded to write a long email to everyone in my contact list acting as me basically saying I hope you receive this msg. on time, Sorry i didn't inform you i was out of the country, I was held at gunpoint..etc. etc..basically asking for a loan to get me back home....well..then they changed the reply to email in my options to something close to my original email so if anyone replied it would to to that one. Then the destruction. They then deleted all my contacts, all my emails nothing but emptyness years gone down..I called at&t and was told they cannot get my emails back which I am having a hard time with. Don't they do backups? Also, if the government needed them ???? crazyness. Well please reply to my temporary email until I decide on one (with your advise of course). Thank you and have a wonderful Day!

JD email to:

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What happened

by santeewelding In reply to How did my email account ...

Is as plain as the nose on your face. I think I can see it, but I don't think you do.

As an IT Consultant, just what do you advise your clients about? Safe email practices?

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Thank You

by joezep1 In reply to What happened

Thanks for the Reply !

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You email address is in your post. Why?

by Ron K. In reply to How did my email account ...

You've never heard of spambots? They'll harvest your email from TR forums. Go back and edit it out. We have TR peermail if anyone wants to contact you and you have it turned on.<br>
Are you talking about an online service susch as Yahoo or Gmail or something that resides on your computer? If it's on your computer better security practices are needed. What do you have in place now? What about complex passwords? Do you use them?

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by joezep1 In reply to You email address is in y ...

Thanks for your response !

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