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How did you discover TR?

By onbliss ·
My wife, a software developer like me, actually introduced me to TR. She in turn was introduced to TR by her coworker.

So how did you discover this site?

ps: She is completely cured of TR-addiction :-)

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by Oz_Media In reply to How did you discover TR?

Good question !!!

I don't remember, it was so long ago now. I wouldn't have been seeking forums or browsing for chat, I don't do that outside of TR. In fact TR is my ONLY chat forum nowadays.

I think I may have stubled here while looking for answers for my ThinkPad or perhaps while searching for tips when I was a Netware engineer or something. It al;l seems so long ago now, I was just a wee nipper back then.

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What a find

by mjd420nova In reply to How did you discover TR?

I stumbled on TR late one evening while mulling over a number of problems having to do with a Scientific Atlanta earth station receiver. The problem was perplexing and I was trying to find a web site that might enlighten me. Basically I was surfing. When I happened across TR, I made a quick note and saved the URL in my favorites. After sorting out the problem with a tech rep from SA, I called a friend and coworker to get a better insight by talking with someone who'd been to this site before. Much was revealed to me that wasn't a stock setup. Before hitting the skid after that conversation, I grabbed a soda and sat in front of keyboard. I absently brought up the browser and found the TR URL in the tab and perrussed the site. Pretty advanced stuff for a web site, My initial reading took about three hours and a selection of news emails and alerts kept me entertained and looking for more. The evolution of a BBS is what I saw, and then the boom hit. Advanced features and much more than just a community of nerds and techheads. I went to bed and got a solid 5 hours. At dawn, I was already on the roof. A quick check and clean of the LNA, retermination of the connectors and proper sealing solved a lot of the problems. Back on the ground, a power supply check, more retermination took care of the rest. Back on the air. Two hours later, in the office, I made a call to the friend to pass on the good news and an update about what I found..This to insure that the next time he can go instead of me. I neglected to say that it was 10 degrees Farenheight. 10*F. outside and the ground cabinet was unheated. I spent the rest of the day trying to plow thru the emails from TR that I requested. I daily checked TR for about an year before I had to select an appropriate user name and refrain from visiting from work machines after getting the dirty look from my boss. I visit when I can and between two other users in the HO that want to use the same machine as me. Two or three other friends visit, but I haven't seen their user names unless they, like me needed to change from a user name assigned by the boss.

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Google is your friend

by Tig2 In reply to How did you discover TR?

I found TR in the late 90's looking for help with a problem. Signed up for a bunch of newsletters but TR kept killing my password. I finally built a new account.

Don't know that I developed TR addiction. If I had wireless in the deer stand, I might think differently.

The people of this site bring a sense of truly caring about one another to the table. Just look at all the pink ribbons that are still in use. And all the support I got from each and every one of you.

I am walking it again this year and know that I can count on you all to follow the progress. You don't see that unless people truly care. You people do.

TR is more than geeks being geeky. We are a community of people who truly care about the events in our collective world. We are experiences, thoughts, desires, and dreams. We are people who have made a difference and know how to MAKE a difference. We are a unique subset of society because we are able to believe.

A hundred years ago when I worked for Disney, I learned that we are each as powerful as the heights we dare to dream of. That is why I am in such good company here. Your heights continually amaze me... and remind me that I can go higher.

I discovered this site to grow beyond my potential. I have only just begun.

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Speaking of Disney

by Oz_Media In reply to Google is your friend

My partner here ( my office partner, not life partner :) )used to be a Mouseketeer!
2nd generation, after Annette but before Britney.

I have fun posting old pics of him, from his fan club, around the office, he is actually quite shy about it now, but I think it's great!

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I understand how he feels

by Tig2 In reply to Speaking of Disney

After the great "Tigger Trial", I wasn't any too anxious to tell people that I was the idiot in the Tigger suit. I understood completely how that incident could have happened and just couldn't explain it to anyone who had never worn a costume like that.

Working in a role like that is just so completely outside of most tech roles that people don't understand how you got from there to where you are. So I just don't talk about it much.

Buddy of mine for many years was a first generation Mouseketeer. You might recall him as "Dennis". He has since passed on but never lost the energy and enthusiasm that made him a Mouseketeer. And I have never forgotten it.

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Word of mouth. . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to How did you discover TR?

...from the "technical" guy in a small computer shop. I wondered out loud once how he kept up on all the changing technology, being able to find the solutions to any number of problems. TechRepublic makes me a "smart expert", he said. But don't tell anybody my secret, he went on to say.

(He shouldn't have told me. He used to get all MY work!)

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I can hardly remember

by NickNielsen In reply to Word of mouth. . . . .

I think it was one of the returns when I was searching for a solution for a print queue issue on the OS/2 network I was supporting at the time.

Lurked anonymously for a while, then wanted to post something to a discussion and had to join. Was a lurker and occasional poster for years until I discovered the break room (Miscellaneous/Off-Topic discussions). Now I'm an addict and browse at least an hour a day.

I'm with Tig on this. The information brought me here, the community brings me back.

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I believe

by w2ktechman In reply to How did you discover TR?

I was just browsing something, or looking for a solution to a problem (dont remember what), and ran into the site. I spent several months on and off again, and then started to answer questions, last year I started reading discussions as well -- and this year I actually started joining the discussions.

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TR Newsletter,

by mjwx In reply to How did you discover TR?

My boss signed up for the TR newsletter which got sent to the entire IT department (which is just me and my boss).

I started reading TR and signed up for my own account. Initially it was just to get access to the downloads but I was inevitably drawn into the inescapable black hole that was (at the time) called discussions.

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Banner Ad

by TheChas In reply to How did you discover TR?

Many years ago when I was using NetZero's then free dial-up service, one of their pop-up / banner ads was for TR. Intrigued, I checked out the site and signed up for some emails of interest.

Several years later when I was laid off and had nothing better to do, I started answering Technical Q&A questions.

Now, I need a few months of "free" time so that I can actually read the nearly 6000 TR emails that I have not had time to get to.


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