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How do a VP of Technology control his CI

By tech1268 ·
As an employee (a VP, early 40s) working for someone much younger (CIO, 30 yrs old) than you, how do you try to get along and appease your boss who's unpredictable and temperamental?

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It's a power thing

by Joe Hardstaff In reply to How do a VP of Technology ...

Having experienced a similar set of circumstances before, I believe that it is a power thing, the guy is young and successful, the two don't sit well together, and if you question him the rattle flies out of the pram. Am I right?

You need to understand what drives him, look more at his personal aspects and character and look at your own as well. This will give you a good insight into what kind of person he his.

There are several psychometric test such as Belbin which you can use to anyalyse both your own likes and dislikes as well as someone elses. I have used these extensively throughout my career in order to understand what makes people tick, and then adapt the way that I relate to that individual in order to make them most comfortable. The results can be impressive. - Good Luck let me know how you get on.

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Personality or Experience

by cjt In reply to How do a VP of Technology ...

As Senior IT New Business Development Consultant to an established offshore (India) full service provider to many corporate entities across America, especially in our IT world, your concern is often expressed as the older worker - 40's and even early 50's with experience often finds himself/herself reporting to a superior/boss who is younger.

Very serious in my IT work pursuits, I do sympathize w/you and others who find themselves immersed in such a dilemma, however from the sound of your posting, your "younger" boss seems to have personality issues as well as expressed immaturity by such antics he displays and if you have made the decision that you wants to stay on board, then set him up because of his lack of professional experienceand get rid of him before his actions and immaturity causes undue stress within your department and with your peers. In other words, if you are knowledgeable enough, get him to mess up and he will be fired and you can rid yourself of an individual who certainly does not know how to control himself and the prerequisite rules to success! If you don't get him fired, you'll be the one out the door one way or the other....

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by dlreazor In reply to How do a VP of Technology ...

If this individual is a spoiled know it all brat type, I agree get your peers together and send them on their way or be prepared to leave. But be careful, they could be related to a board member, etc. that means you only set yourself up. If they arejust young and dumb, then figure out how to work with them by doing a little education via planning meetings, etc. and since they are probably full of energy, get them to fight for something your department needs but just can't seem to get approved.IF they get fired along the way (oh, well) but maybe they will be successful. One other note of caution, their replacement could be worse (been there).

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