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How do Bluetooth headphones Inlfunce battery Life of a phone?

By Panovum ·
Tags: Smartphones
Hey Guys,

I'm currently torn between the Google Pixel 3a and the OnePlus 7

The 3a only has a 3000 mAh battery but a headphone jack and the OnePlus 7 has 3700mAh but no Headphone jack. I'm a heavy music listener and 70% of me using my phone is listening to music. I am wondering how much more my batter will be drained with Bluetooth headphones in comparison to classic headphones and if the 700mAh difference is negated by the fact that I have to use Bluetooth headphones.
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Bluetooth headphones

by Khadijakkk In reply to How do Bluetooth headphon ...

Normal wired Headphones are directly connected to the phone and therefore don't consume extra battery. However, bluetooth headphones are wireless and only through the bluetooth transmission are able to operate. The bluetooth transmission will be consuming the battery a little more. So, bluetooth headphones do have a influence on the battery life of a phone. You may also check this in your battery settings on your phone. Normal headphones will only use the music app, where as bluetooth headphones will use music app and bluetooth connection. The amount of consumption of the battery differs with every phone.

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bluetooth headphones

by deliveli In reply to Bluetooth headphones

I think the same way too.

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Keep in mind....

by birdmantd Moderator In reply to Bluetooth headphones

....that the version of Bluetooth the headphones and the phone use affect battery usage. I use both a smartphone and a pair of BT headsets that use the latest version of BT (5.0) and that is more efficient and uses less battery power than older versions. I see no appreciable difference in battery drain as I use the headset once per day for less than 30 minutes. YMMV.

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bluetooth headphones

by sadiqrehan1512 In reply to How do Bluetooth headphon ...

Hey, There is no dought that Bluetooth headphones will consume more battery as compared to the wired headphones.
But Do you really want to choose a mobile just because of the headphone jack?
Battery consumption also depends on mobile customization and pixel 3a is awesome in it.
in spite of having a 3000mah battery, it gives very well backup. So consider this option also before making decision.

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