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How Do Doctors Face Death

By haloplanet08 ·
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Doctors are the experts when it comes to medical care.
However, when experiencing death, a lot of them give up rigorous medical treatment

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Personally I think that the article you refer to says it all

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to How Do Doctors Face Death

mainly because they realized enough regarding the modern medicine to figure out its limits.

Modern Medicine has limits and it's pointless to try to exceed those limits. Sure if you personally want to live forever you are welcome to try but if you are realistic who will accept what happens when it happens. Hence things like Living Wills are put in place to prevent needless Medical Treatments that in the end will have no real effect.

Remember Life is a Sexually Transmitted Disease which always proves Fatal. While you may not like that statement it logic is flawless.


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Hospice and quality of care

by Tigger_Two In reply to How Do Doctors Face Death

At the end of my husband's life, we made a decision to stop useless care- treatments and medications that seemed to serve only the doctor and his conscience. We discussed the pros and cons of this decision at length, and when the day came that we needed to implement this careful choice, we were ready to follow it through... Even while we wept at the knowledge that we had run out of time.

I understand fully that docs are beset by issues that go beyond care choices. That said, too many of them seem to be of the belief that they are Gods and that we who seek them will not question their authority. Still, the quality of death is easily as critical as the quality of life. Measures that cannot possibly help and leave the patient in pain and the family in agony must be viewed as the useless efforts they are. They need to be presented to the patient as options and with all the potential problems clearly revealed from the outset. When the patient makes the heartbreaking decision to walk away from treatment, docs need to respect the patient's choice.

To HALs point regarding Living Wills, the ability to direct one's care in advance is a great and wonderful thing. In my experience, however, it became necessary to keep the document on my person at all times and to INSIST that it be respected. Considering that at the same time I had to cope with grief, stress, family, and tasks, the additional stress was in no way welcome.

I have a carefully written Living Will that specifies ithe circumstances under which DNR is to be respected. Within the language of that document is the caveat that failure to respect my wishes will initiate a lawsuit in shades of ugly along with the contact information for a competent attorney. The kid will take it from there.

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If God the Hunter stikes you down...

by john.a.wills In reply to Hospice and quality of ca ...

shout defiance as you fall.

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"INSIST that it be respected"

by seanferd In reply to Hospice and quality of ca ...

You said it.

And don't let it "lapse". Make sure any hospital you visit knows about it. And do insist on your rights or the rights of the person you are representing. Cover anything you can think of in the document (e.g., allow x,y,z, or whatever, but no cracking me open again).

Sometimes it is useful to fold it up in a phone book and beat staff about the head and neck with it.

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