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how do i????

By cul8rm8e ·
how do i set up win2k advanced server? i would like to know how to set up a web site on this server and put it on the net. i only have a dialup connection at the moment,basically i have some idea as to how it works but would be very grateful for anyinfo you guys out there can give me. feed me with what you know and i will get back to you guys and let you know how i get on, step by step details would be brilliant, but,if thats a bit much to ask,just give me what you want! thanx a million ppl,

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My thoughts

by Shepster In reply to how do i????

First, I am curious why you are using Advanced Server. I would like to make sure that you realize that the primary difference between Server and Advanced Server is the ability to do clustering and load balancing. If you are as new to this as you sound (no offense intended), it would surprise me to find that you are building a cluster, especially utilizing a dial-up connection. I only point this out as it could save you a sizable amount of money in licensing. Regardless, assuming you are starting from the ground up and merely wish to build a fairly simple web server, here are some of the steps I would follow:

1. I wouldn?t even go through the effort with a dial-up connection for a number of reasons:
? You will need to register a static IP to associate your domain name with
? Most ISPs frown on running a webserver over 56K
? Any amount of traffic would reduce your already miniscule bandwidth to a pinprick. Unless you are running a totally text based site, people accessing itwould get frustrated and leave quickly.
So, basically I would suggest at a minimum getting DSL or Cable Modem.

See ?Phase II?

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Phase II

by Shepster In reply to how do i????

2. If this is important, buy a good, reliable, name-brand server. I prefer Hewlett Packard personally, but Dell would probably be the cheapest method (I have some personal issues with Dell, and so tend to favor the HP?s). You will have to choose the level of your server (e.g. if you need redundant power supplies, a RAID array, tape backups, etc.) to suit your need, the better the server, the higher the cost.

3. Next, register your Domain. Again, you are inundated with options, you can have your DNS hosted, or host it yourself. If you are new to this, get it hosted. If you get DSL or Cable Modem, your provider probably does this free of charge with your package. The objective here is to get all http traffic (tcp port 80) pointed atthe IP address of your server.

4. Next, buy a good hardware firewall. I suggest a Cisco PIX. I would strongly advise against a software firewall, especially on a Windows box. You could build your own if you are familiar with Linux, but a hardware firewall is the quickest, easiest and safest solution.

See ?Phase III?

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very nice - firewall opinion

by me01 In reply to Phase II

i most inject personal opinion. i have pix box and i am not thrilled with it. there are other boxes that are just as reliable and easier to use and expand. plus there are now these software and hardware combinations on the maket now that use windows or linux.

always keep abreast of "security issues" on what ever os and firewall you use because all products have them we just don't know them all.

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No arguement...

by Shepster In reply to very nice - firewall opi ...

I can understand. I think it is Fords and Chevys. I have a Watchguard Firebox II and have not been too impressed with it. What I liked about the Cisco PIX (Cisco brought me to their office and demo'ed it for me) was the CLI and GUI ability, combined with Cisco's reputation both in the industry and personal experiance with their Tech Support. When they showed me the GUI, it was still in Beta, but looked much more intuitive and comprehensible than my Watchguard software. I am curious if you are using the GUI or not? Regardless, it is a good idea to explore the market and research the products and their reviews prior to choosing a particular one.

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Phase III

by Shepster In reply to how do i????

5. Now you are ready to load your machine, configure it with your public IP address (you can also use the NAT on your firewall to route http traffic to a private network). Also note, if you are going to run an FTP server, a mail server, a news server or any other type of server allowing access to itself from the internet, I would strongly recommend keeping it on it?s own box. I would strongly advise against loading these extra services on your server!

6. Once your server is up and running,fire up the MMC, add the Internet Information Services (IIS) snap-in. Microsoft has actually made this fairly easy to understand. You just right-click on Default Web Site and click on properties. Point it to where your html pages for your site are and viola!

Now, here is where someone more advanced can step in and talk about more advanced security and other helpful hints. What I have outlined above should get you up and running with a website though.

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another 2 cents

by WhW In reply to how do i????

Correct me if I'm wrong here, but if all your interested in is installing IIS; you don't need advanced server or for that matter even the basic server version of W2K. IIS may be installed on W2K pro, it's just not included in the default install options. Other than that re-read Shepster's posts specifically noting DNS hosting /static IP portions and bandwidth. Sorry, but 56k just won't cut it if you're seriously considering hosting an active webserver. Installing IIS is fairly straightforward, might try doing a webserch for tweaking its configuration.


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by polara In reply to how do i????

How do I find the drivers that go to my printer ? ( Hewlett Packard DeskJet672C) I've tried everything I can think to do pretty close to chunking it out window I know there has to be someone who can help me after windows crashed so did my hopes of ever enjoying the internet it's like putting a puzzle back together .SOMEONE/ANYONE please help me out. email me thru my hotmail addy please , thanx

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Print Drivers

by ms5655 In reply to

Go to this link|click on search|click on printers|enter 672C in the box|Where yours coms back to a 670 series, I assume that's the one, else contact support(bottm of page) and ask them, to be sure! Hope this has helped.

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You are asking alot using very little

by lasher In reply to how do i????

If you own a domain and want to host it on a 56k line yourself don't bother, your wasting your time and efforts! There are PLENTY of vendors out there that will HOST the site for you for as little as $20-$30 per month (50-100megs of space, 50 email address, 50 auto replies etc). You won't have to worry about hardware, software install, configuration, security, DNS, bandwidth....etc.

You will manage your site thru a web interface and make changes to your site whenever you want. I have been through this a few time (both sides of the fence) and for you I would recommend this route.

Good Luck!

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