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    How do I ????


    by joeplaisted ·

    I need to know how I get a memo field on MSAccess 2000 to stay unactivated until a yes/no check box is checked and then the memo field becomes active and allows info to be typed in it. Or if the check box is un-checked the memo field becomes un-active again.

    Thank you

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      by cptomlly ·

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      That is actually pretty simple. On your form, create a checkbox and textbox. I’ll call them Check1 and Text2. nder properties, set the default value for Check1 to false, and set Enabled property for Text2 to disabled. Create an event for AfterUpdate on Check1 as follows:

      Private Sub Check12_AfterUpdate()
      If Check1.Value = True Then
      Text2.Enabled = True
      Else: Text2.Enabled = False
      End If
      End Sub

      This will result in the form defaulting to checkbox unchecked and the textbox disabled. When the box is checked, textbox will be enabled. If it is unchecked, the textbox will go back disabled.

      Hope this helps.

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      by joeplaisted ·

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