How Do I Access Mail In Administrator Template Mailbox?

By Erik Eckel Contributor ·
Probably a dumb question but it's been a long week and I'm tired, so here goes:

I administer an SBS 2003 box w/Exchange SP2 for a client. A user left the company, so I deleted the user's account (per the client's request). Twenty days after deleting the user's account, the client requests that I recover that user's e-mail. No problem. Exchange maintains the mailbox for 30 days.

So, within Advanced Management | First Organization | Servers | SERVER1 | First Storage Group | Mailbox Store (SERVER1) | Mailboxes I right-click the mailbox in question and select Reconnect. Exchange gave me only one option (Select A New User For This Mailbox), which I chose. When I went to enter the current user's name (for the current account I wanted to give access to the old e-mail messages) Exchange refused to complete the operation.

Entering Administrator in the Enter The Object Name To Select window, however, worked. I then logged in (as Administrator) to review the e-mail messages, but nothing was there. Instead, Exchange created an Administrator Template mailbox that now contains the messages I need to review.

How do I access the Administrator Template mailbox?

All I've found so far is documentation seeming to imply I need to create a Recovery Group (done) and select the Exchange database to recover. But, I don't want to recover the entire Exchange database, just access the messages in a single (now Administrator Template) mailbox.

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Administrator Template mailbox

by ant In reply to How Do I Access Mail In A ...

I am having the exact same problem, "Exmerge" does not seem to pick up the Administrator Template mailbox either, if you got any further with this problem or found a solution it would be greatly appreciated as I am now stuck and have tried everything I know

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