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How do I access resources on the other end of a VPN tunnel

My set up is this. Our main server sets at office 1 and the second server sets at office 2. I have established a VPN tunnel between the 2 router of Office1 and Office 2. Can ping any address in the other network using the local IP address of that resource example form office 1 to office 2 ping and from 2 to 1 ping get responce back ok. But I need to know how to have others on each network access resources on the other. the employees will not want to have to remember addresses of resources on either end. There is a company Database of orders residing on a resource in office 1 that office 2 needs to get to, also we want to set up video conferencing between the 2 offices.
Office 1 is running Microsoft Small Business Server 2008 the second office runs Microsoft server 2003. both routers are Netgear. Both offices have static IP addresses.

I need help finishing this project up so any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Active Directory

by robo_dev In reply to How do I access resources ...

Are these systems setup to be a workgroup or domains?

If you are using static IP addresses, then this must be a very small number of users.

AD would give you WINS, which is effectively DNS for LAN resources, and would allow devices to talk to each other.

If this is a simple small workgroup you could add LMHOST table entries to each PC so they can communicate with the other devices on the other network.

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