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How do I adding numbers to Alphanumeric data in Excel?

By luckyyoufoundme ·

This is really bugging me. I have data in cells such as AIPM41 then HAZ03 and then IVA05 for example down a column. All I want to do is to be able numbers to the alphnumeric data for example if in cell A1 it's AIPM41, I want to get say AIPM42 in cell A19 for example (ie: I cant just click and drag). If I do =A1+1 it gives me #Value.

Any solutions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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Separate numbers and letters

by completeitpro In reply to How do I adding numbers t ...

You could write a formula to split up the two parts (number and letter) and add to the number.
For example, if AIPM is in cell A1, put this in the cell where you want AIPM42 to be:
Should be pretty flexible with the number of letters in each cell.
Hope it helps!

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Reponse To Answer

by luckyyoufoundme In reply to Separate numbers and lett ...

Thanks a lot. Awesome formula but is there an easier way because some it's not always 4 letter and two number it could also be 3 letter and one number for instance in which case it would need to be adjusted each time. Please let me know if there are simple ways of doing this - I'm surprised Excel doesn't allow you to do this.

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