How do I automatically email files in a folder?

By tommoukoz ·
We have a folder on our network that, over the course of a month, will have .PDF documents added to it. At a certain point in the month (user dictated), there is a requirement to email these documents (1 .PDF per email).

How can I set this up automatically, either directly within Outlook, or through Excel or Word?



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Which version of Outlook

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How do I automatically em ...

And what type of OS is in use here?

It makes a difference

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Reponse To Answer

by tommoukoz In reply to Which version of Outlook

It's Outlook 2003 running on Windows XP.

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Use outlook plugin or custom secure app sits on that server...

by In reply to How do I automatically em ...

Being software developer, i would suggest to have a plugin for outlook or some other application secure one to stay on the server and use the default email gateway at its simplest form and trigger it based on your custom rules/settings. I hope there are lot of such available, but choosing best one is the challenge.

Any more details you know, respond or email me.

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Search for plug-in offerings, or write your own

by Kevj In reply to How do I automatically em ...

Search Google for Outlook plug-in offerings. A quick search found this site, which may have an app you can use for your purpose. I'm sure there are many other sites with similar offerings.

If you are comfortable writing code, try this DLL

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Mail them from command line

by romtec In reply to How do I automatically em ...

There are many command line mailers that can be used in a cmd or bat file using the for command

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Excel VBA - tracking at hand

by george.melnic In reply to How do I automatically em ...

You can write some piece if VBA code for excel/outlook adding additionaly the option to track times/addresses etc...

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We use WinAutomation

by AndyKJones In reply to How do I automatically em ...

We use WinAutomation for this kind of stuff. Saves a lot of time and effort and is especially suited for tasks like the one you describe.

have a look at

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Powershell script article

by seanferd In reply to How do I automatically em ...
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Use Chilkat Components

by don In reply to How do I automatically em ...

I am only a customer of this product but really like them. Their email component is one of the most powerful I have used. You can use in almost any language and comes as ActiveX or .NET for Microsoft environments. The email version will allow you programmatically attachment these documents and email as an attachment. This and other inexpensive tools will add the option to compress them to a ZIP file to have a smaller attachment etc or each file could be sent individually. Finally, you can choose to send directly to any email server or write the emails out as files which can be picked up by most email servers and sent. The latter is optimal if the file is getting sent from a process that just ones once such as a web page and the email server is temporarily down for maintenance.

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