How do I become a Network systems and data communications analyst?

Right now All I have is an A+ certificate not a certification.

I'm starting College for a computer science Bachelors and I'm not sure If its worth the headache but my idea was that if the analyst thing didn't work out then I can go in a different direction.

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You're on the right track

by Seonix In reply to How do I become a Network ...

Although a Bachelor of CS is not always required for some positions, an increasing amount of companies won't even touch you unless you've got a degree.
I'd continue with the degree and look at doing a CCNA as well. That should put you on a good stepping to getting a Network Analyst type position. It will be fairly junior to start with but a good foot in the door.

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Reponse To Answer

by RCOLON85 In reply to You're on the right track

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