How do I block internet access at certain time of the day?(or night)

By jneilson ·
The night crew at my company will occasionally surf the web on the shop floor computers. How can I setup a way to keep them from doing this without limiting access to the company intranet? I only want this to be done at night and it should be automatic. The guys that come in at 5:00am need internet access and I don't want them to have to remember to do anything when they get on the computers. Thanks.
P.S. These are all Windows XP machines.

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You need a proxy server

by Toivo Talikka In reply to How do I block internet a ...

You need to install a gateway/firewall appliance or server which can act as a proxy server. Proxy servers can enforce rules regarding browsing the web during certain hours only, or accessing only business related sites.

Microsoft ISA server should have this capability. In addition to firewall and proxy appliances like Watchguard, another common solution is Squid which comes with Linux distributions. Several years ago I installed RedHat 9 and maintained Squid for 100+ users and it was running months on end on an obsolete PC with 256MB of RAM and a 40GB hard drive.

All you need to do is to change the HTTP proxy address in the browser settings to point to the proxy server. There are ways to automate the configuration and you should be able to push the proxy settings to the PCs in a Group Policy Object and if your users are Restricted Users instead of local administrators or Power Users, they will not be able to change the network settings.

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How do I block internet access at certain time of the day?(or night)

by dspeacock In reply to How do I block internet a ...

Our Sonicwall firewall has the ability to block access based on time as well as other parameters. Check yours out for this ability.

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