How do I Block my wireless internet access?

By davidnleeh4 ·
I have a home network that consist of two desktops that are "hardwired" to the network and a laptop, xBox 360 & iPod. How do I shut down access to the wireless components of my network? I know this may not be the correct place to ask this question, but I have exhausted all my resources in trying to figure this out.

What I am wanting to do is (when needed) block my step-daughter or step-sons internet access so that they are not up on-line all night when they should be sleeping without interrupting the rest of my small network.

I am using AT&T DSL/U-verse here are some specs on my system:
Internet Details
Broadband Link Type Built in modem - VDSL
Connection Type Direct IP (DHCP or Static)
The modem is a 2Wire.

Can anyone please assist me with this small matter (in comparison to other questions), it would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you in advance to any and ALL assistance with this matter!

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It sounds like you want to block browser time on network

by Tigger_Two In reply to How do I Block my wireles ...

As opposed to completely blocking them.

There are browser timers that will shut down the browser after a pre-set period of time- say, an hour or so. You can set the timer however you wish.

You should also be able to set a password on your wireless router if you want to block them from using wireless completely. You should do that as a matter of security anyway.

I think that the browser timer is probably closer to what you want. You can install it and set the timer as you wish without giving them the password.

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If you really want to turn off wireless

by seanferd In reply to How do I Block my wireles ...

You need to access the web interface of the UVerse gateway and turn off the wireless. The settings are all pretty obvious, but if you need a walkthrough, post the exact make and model number of the gateway router.

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Mac address filtering

by grassiap In reply to How do I Block my wireles ...

I concurr with tigger_two about more details on the router.

I do not have U verse but my modem is a 2wire also. it has a function that allows to "ban" amac address from the network. just remember that a laptop usually has 2 mac addresses 1 for ethernet , 1 for wifi.

Automating the switch from authorized to forbidden would require some custom cron job or macro running from another client computer.

This would also assume that your internet feud does not escalate to installing additionnal (usb) network adapters, tapping into neighbors wifi or tethering on the smartphone.

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Reponse To Answer

by davidnleeh4 In reply to Mac address filtering

I have one of the "mac addresses" that my router shows me for my step-daughters laptop. How do I find out/obtain the second "mac address" if it has a second one?

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How do I Block my wireless internet access?/MAC filtering

by davidnleeh4 In reply to How do I Block my wireles ...

First and foremost Thanks to All that have tried to assist me with this matter. I went into "homepage" of my router I clicked on "Site Map" then once that opened, I scrolled down to "LAN" & once there I clicked on "Wireless" and then once that screen/page opened up, I scrolled down to where it says "MAC filtering" and then I clicked on "Edit Blocked/Allowed Device List" once in there, then I found the mac address for the particular item/device that I wanted to shut down for a period of time (Grounding the kids, LOL) & added it to the "Blocked List" and to reset it for the person to be able to access the INTERNET, I just moved that "MAC Address" back into the allowed devices, from the "Blocked devices". So you have (long story short) helped me with this matter & I want to thank you for your time and everyone else who gave advice to me!

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