how do I block non-browsers from accessing web

By Who Am I Really ·
(here's what I need to do without installing anything)

XP Pro SP3:

it's an irritating thing that I have going on here as well as anyone else who uses the program;

every time I open Roxio EMC9 it accesses the web and displays it's stupid advertisements etc.

how do I block the actual "Non-Browser" application from accessing the web but still allow real browsers to go to the same site(s)

ie. I can block it in my router but then even a browser can't go to the site.
the cheesey windows firewall doesn't know how to block outgoing.

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Easy, edit hosts file

by Slayer_ In reply to how do I block non-browse ...

Figure out what address these advertisements are on. Easiest way is, flush your DNS, fire up the program and look at which DNS entries are recreated.

Then, add those Entires into your hosts file like this.

And any others it accesses.

here are commands to flush and display dns
In a window.

ipconfig /flushdns

and to display
ipconfig /displaydns

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DNS client service disabled . . . (?_?)

by Who Am I Really In reply to Easy, edit hosts file

I don't have any DNS entries because the DNSClient service is disabled on purpose:
- because it screws up my workgroup network;
- because I already have a 12,000+ entry hosts file it takes forever to load a browser;
- the DNSClient service crashes when it encounters a huge hosts file

the problem is the program accesses the roxio/sonic website and if I block the sites then I can't access it at all with anything

I'm trying to block the program not the sites
I only want browsers to be able to access the web and not just any program that thinks it should be accessing the web

and it doesn't have any setting to turn off it's phone home security hole

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Ok, Find yourself a resource hacker

by Slayer_ In reply to DNS client service disabl ...

Most of the time, you can change the URL it is trying to go to. Often its in a string table.

Only resource hacker I have only works under Win95, so you will have to find your own.

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Reponse To Answer

by eriknunez In reply to Easy, edit hosts file

Thanks for the information. It was useful.

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Try Roxio tools options and uncheck

by dayen In reply to how do I block non-browse ...

Try Roxio tools options and uncheck the check for updates and enable online category
that how it works in Roxio 2009

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I am bum forgot one

by dayen In reply to how do I block non-browse ...

display relevent product information and offers from roxio Sorry about that

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Options not in EMC9

by Who Am I Really In reply to I am bum forgot one

neither of those options are in EMC9,

EMC9 phones home @ every startup unless I first disable the network adapter:
- rightclick "Local Area Connection"
- - Taskbar; notification area / system tray)
- from the context menu, select "disable"
- then start EMC9 but this is a real pita

EMC9 = (v.9)
EMC10 = (v.10)
Creator2009 = (v.11)
Creator2010 = (v.12)

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Simple answer - dump Roxio ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Options not in EMC9

Irrespective of whether its online capabilities are causing you any problems or not - Roxio is a really really CRAPPY PROGRAM.

Find something else - there's plenty to choose from.

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Since you brought it up...

by Ron K. In reply to Simple answer - dump Roxi ...

What would you recommend instead of Roxio?

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Since I brought it up ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Since you brought it up.. ...

There's a myriad of disc burning software out there, most of it currently going through a revamp to the latest incarnation of the latest marque.

Consequently and as an aid to marketing, in order to draw in more potential buyers, Computer Magazines have got cover DVDs with the old versions of disc burning utilities (among the plethora of utilities currently available) and for the price of a magazine - you get a slightly dusty but perfectly functional program for sweet sod all - and you get a decent read into the bargain.

I found that my current incarnation of NERO wouldn't run with Windows 7, but rather than fork out for another one I noticed that my subscription copy of PC Pro had a free install of 'Ashampoo Burning Studio 2009'.

Wouldn't have been a conscious product move on my part, but I've got to say it works with Windows 7 and it does it very efficiently. I'm not complaining - the magazine came through the letter box anyway.

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