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How do i boot up win98 in ms-dos mode?

By jdpowers41 ·
I am attempting to fix/recover my HP from a virus hit which hurt my OS and IE. As you can see from this, i am able to get thru and on IE once in a while. When i try to fix from reg boot, i get too many flags keeping me from doing any damage control, and the comp tells me to boot from DOS to work from. I am not a comp tech, still learning, dont know what to type at the C or A prompt to boot comp up? Can someone please give me step by step instr on how to do this, I would really appreciate it?!!

Also, I am able to do a quick disc scan, but,when i attempt a thorough disc scan, it tells me it cant complete due to programs still running/writing to hard drive, but i dont have any open, which tells me i have something running in the background i dont know about. Thanks to TechRep i have learned about turning off my desktop picture and my task mngr and other programs in the task bar next to the clock which has helped me to a point, but evidently there is another/one or more other programs running that i dont see! It has told me that a program my daughter downloaded a while ago "Rugrats gone wild" is still running? I have gone into the 'program delete' box to delete this program, but comp says cant find file to delete it.
Does anyone know how i can get rid of this and other programs i cant get rid of? Again, would appreciate any advice/help anyone is willing to share with me! Thankyou!

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to How do i boot up win98 in ...

With Win 98 you should have made a Startup Floppy when you installed the OS but if you didn't install 98 or didn't bother with the floppy you can make one from inside the Control Panel.

Click on Add/=Remove Programs and then the top Tab on the right hand side called Startup Disk and then click on Create Disk.

If memory serves me correctly you'll also need the install or recovery CD to do this.

You could also with the Original install CD use the System File Checker and restore any altered Files from the Install CD by clicking on the Start then the Run and typing SFC and chose the option to extract from install disk and then allow the system to run and replace any altered or missing files.

If you use the SFC option you'll need to reinstall all your software and apply any updates as well but it should get things working properly again for you.

If that doesn't work it at the very least will get you to a point where you can save your data and then wipe the HDD with a wiping utility and reinstall the OS as a clean install, but you'll need all your driver Cd's as well as your Software installation Cd's and it will take some time but it's most likely the best way to solve your current problem.

At this time you should also instigate some form of DR Recovery plan so you are not in a position of loosing all of your data as HDD's do fail and it's very expensive to recover any data on them when this happens.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

Also if memory serves me correctly when you go to the Log Off section you are given an option to Restart in MS_DOS Mode. I seem to remember that there are 3 options one is to Shut Down, One is to Restart and the last is to Reboot into MS DOS Mode.

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by zlitocook In reply to How do i boot up win98 in ...

Ok down load from your computer or a friends computer, spybot search and destroy, Adaware SE, and Stinger from mcafee. Update and run them, then down load window washer and run it. Reboot and update your antivirus program, you do use a antivirus right? If not AVG is free and it is a good antivirus program. But after you down load it you should update the dat file. And run it to see what it detects.
Win98 is the easyist to fix because you can reload over the old with out lossing any thing.
Let me know if you need more info, I still use 98 on one computer because it is so easy to use.

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by chanmkr In reply to How do i boot up win98 in ...

When you restart your pc press f8 key go in command prompt
which antivirus you r using
go in antivirus directory by
cd progra~1
then appropriate directory and run antivirus with checking for exe file

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by ChaosRuled In reply to How do i boot up win98 in ...

First things first. To "see" and kill any programs and determine what is good, download this app from:
Use the online scanner and advanced settings and you can see what the problem is.
Word of note: invest in a firewall/AV software program(not the 'freebie' ones) that handles the usage set to auto-update(sometimes this can be a bad thing RAM wise, but is will update itself to defeat most trojans, worms and such).
Regards, David

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by jeremyrem In reply to How do i boot up win98 in ...

easier way to do it... boot the pc up with the F8 command.. it will bring up a promp to how you would like to start windows..

i recommend safemode but you can also boot it in msdos from here.

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