How do I bypass windows password on an external drive

By studiolifescapes ·
I am in transition of building a new computer. My motherboard recently gave up the ghost on the computer I was using to work on some things. I took the "C" hard drive out and put it in an external case, thinking I could just access the files and copy them to my other work horse that was just built. However, I forgot that I had a password on my user account. Does anyone know a way to go around that password and get to my files? Really appreciate the feedback, I have a deadline and these files are locked up in the desktop folder of this user account! Thanks, Troy

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My exact same problem exists.

by peter_dup In reply to How do I bypass windows p ...

If you managed to find a tool to bypass it I would be grateful if you let me know. I also have deadlines and my laptop has gone in for repairs. I now site with my laptop HDD, and a PC, but with no way for me to connect the two.(I need access to "my Documents" section and it wont let me it!!! Please someone help.
I can browse the files using Perfect disk management, but it wont let me move or edit the files, its driving me crazy.

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More info?

by Bizzo In reply to How do I bypass windows p ...

Probably need some more information as to the OS and filesystem.

But if you're the administrator of the machine you should be able to change the permissions of the drive to allow yourself full access.

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More info

by peter_dup In reply to More info?

My system is Windows Xp, 2nd Ed.
The drive was used in a laptop, I've taken it out and I'm using a USB drive interface to browse through it.
I can access anywhere, except where I have password protected my profile.
There are no password requests, it just states "Access denied, files may be password protect" or some such comment.My Laptop returns tomorrow so this case is not so urgent anymore, but for future reference if there is a way, I'd be happy to know it.

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