How do I cahnge passwords on a server from the Command Line

By steak1986 ·
I am trying to change a password on a server, from a client pc, using the command line. I originally found the net use command using the syntax, net user username * /domain. I want to use this command, or something similar, but I want to use it so that I can have users change their passwords on a server, using their client pcs. Normally I would just have the users press cntrl+alt+delete, but these users are the biggest idiots i have ever talked to. Anyone know of a way that I can do this command line, net user username * \\server, because that would be my dream. Thanks

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by Wizard-09 In reply to How do I cahnge passwords ...

Going to happen, from what I read you want to give the user the rights to change passwords on the server, you give this access they can change any password they like and this is not good, the net user * commands requires you to have admin rights on the machine in question if I got this wrong please try to explain this better :)

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Not advisable

by Bizzo In reply to How do I cahnge passwords ...

You say your users are too stupid to use ctrl-alt-del, yet you're happy to let them use a commandline to amend their passwords?
A seriously bad idea.

As Wizard-09 said, they'd need elevated rights to use the command, which means they'd be able to change anyone's password. What if they got their username wrong and changed someone elses? What if they got the domain wrong? If they got the new password wrong, the next time they logged in, they'd get locked out. At least with the ctrl-alt-del option, they have to type the password in twice.

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P@ssword Reset

by pperezm In reply to How do I cahnge passwords ...

You would use a third party software to reset domain passwords like, Reset Local Password Pro.

I found this:

Basically, each user can reset his password from CMD (DOS) with the following command:


But, sincerely if your users cannot handle cntrl+alt+delete, you'll never, ever got the user change it by this way.

Good luck!

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