How do I Cancel a Windows XP VL install?

By grishnakh99 ·

I have accidentally tried to install a VL (volume licence) copy of Windows XP on a laptop. I have a MSDN subscription and have access to download it, but do not have access to a key. I do not want to jump through hoops to get our administrator to supply a key. I have 10 free keys through my subscription. How do I cancel my VL install, reformat, and reinstall a regular copy of windows XP?

I have tried rebooting in Safe Mode which gives me an error message that says something like "Safemode cannot continue install". I have tried rebooting from an XP cd, but it immediately attempts to continue the windows XP VL setup.

Any suggestions?

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Didn't make CD bootable

by grishnakh99 In reply to How do I Cancel a Windows ...

Never mind, didn't make the CD bootable...

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How to Partition and Format a Master Hard Disk

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to How do I Cancel a Windows ...

A quick fix i do is to download Ubuntu and install it, then reboot with your Windows XP disk in your CD/DVD drive and then you can format the drive that Ubuntu is on.

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I in the past have just personally

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How do I Cancel a Windows ...

Started a new install of the OS with the version that I want not the version that is currently installing.

Of course if there was a In Place/Repair Install In Progress you have lost your previously installed applications.

But here I think that the version of XP available on the MSDM is a Volume License to begin with so have you tried using your Product Key with the install currently proceeding?


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