How do I change default printer for all current users in Windows 7

By Sue T ·
I need to find a way to change the default printer for all current users in Windows 7 Pro. The computers are in a domain but group policy comes from the local computer so it has to be a local fix. I am able to change to set the correct default printer for all new users but can't figure out how to change it for all users who have used the computer prior to the printer being replaced. Has anyone found a way to do this? At this point I am willing to try anything other than re-imaging the computers. It is a mixture of desktops and laptops. I have searched the web and tried everything I could find but haven't found anything that actually works. Any and all suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.

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Is it just the ONE printer?

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to How do I change default p ...

If so then go into the "printer" section and delete the printer from there.
Then access the printer from the Local computer and set as "Default".

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Reponse To Answer

by Sue T In reply to Is it just the ONE printe ...

Unfortunately they have several printers but the one the Librarian wants them to print to had to be replaced and she wants them to print to the new printer because it is right there in the library.

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I might have a found solution

by seancojr In reply to How do I change default p ...

That's a rare yet problematic situation indeed. After doing some research I did manage to come across another Q&A website. There was one response made. Hopefully it can offer you some insight.

Windows 7: Default printer, default printers, registry hack -

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Thank you

by Sue T In reply to How do I change default p ...

I had checked out this one before from that page, and did not have luck but when you suggested it I did another look and found that this did work as long as I also saved the bat file in System32\grouppolicy\users\Scripts\Logon. Without is also being saved there I got error messages when a user logged on.
Thank you for you quick response and fix for my problem.

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