How do I change GAL to display lastname, firstname in Exchange 2003?

By Tech_Lady ·
I'm no Exchange guru, but our agency has Exchange Server 2003 that I get to maintain and learn as I go. Outlook 2007 is used by users. I have been asked to change the Global Address List to display as Doe, John rather than John Doe because of numerous errors being made due to same first names causing the wrong person to be selected from the list when creating and sending messages. I've googled it and found ADSIedit and ADmodify which look like they could accomplish what I want, but I'm a little nervous about doing something I really know little about. Any ideas/help out there? Thanks.

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by Jon In reply to How do I change GAL to di ...

Unless you know either VBscript or Powershell and can create a script to loop through and handle the naming corrections I'd suggest manually using AD and renaming each user/contact. You'll need to correct the Full Name and Display name. After you're done if you want to manually rebuild the GAL you can depending on how large the GAL is it can take some time. Users will automatically re-download the address list at the normal interval.

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