how do i Change network computer password thro command line ??

By ganesh.bbr ·

I have a server running on windows 2003 std. edition. I wanted to change the password of the client computers local administrator account password, is there anyway to do it ?



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Use the CUsrMgr Utility from Windows Resource Kit

by jmperez_uplb96 In reply to how do i Change network c ...

Use the CUsrMgr.Exe from Windows Resource Kit. Here's the usage info:

\Program Files\RKit>cusrmgr /?
CUsrMgr Ver 1.0 Jan98 by G.Zanzen (c) MCS Central Europe
Sets a random password to a user
usage: -u UserName [-m \\MachineName] \\ default LocalMachine
Resetting Password Function
-p Set to a random password
-P xxx Sets password to xxx
User Functions
-r xxx Renames user to xxx
-d xxx deletes user xxx
Group Functions
-rlg xxx yyy Renames local group xxx to yyy
-rgg xxx yyy Renames global group xxx to yyy
-alg xxx Add user (-u UserName) to local group xxx
-agg xxx Add user (-u UserName) to global group xxx
-dlg xxx deletes user (-u UserName) from local group xxx
-dgg xxx deletes user (-u UserName) from global group xxx
SetProperties Functions
-c xxx sets Comment to xxx
-f xxx sets Full Name to xxx
-U xxx sets UserProfile to xxx
-n xxx sets LogonScript to xxx
-h xxx sets HomeDir to xxx

-H x sets HomeDirDrive to x

+s xxxx sets property xxxx
-s xxxx resets property xxxx
where xxxx can be any of the following properties:
returns 0 on success

\Program Files\RKit>cusrmgr -u Administrator -m \\ -p NewPassword

Hope this helps.

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I want the location of the file.

by ganesh.bbr In reply to Use the CUsrMgr Utility f ...

thanx for replying me, it seems it will help me a loot. but i could not find the file anywhere. can u please gimme the link of the file where can i download ??

TIA again


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