how do i change the administrator of a site in adobe contribute?

By tom ·
I was wondering if it is possible to change the administartor of a site with out contacting the old administrator. I have all of the site files and databases attached to the site under my full control if this helps.

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Well if you have local access

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to how do i change the admin ...

It shouldn't be a problem depending on what you want to change here.

If it is the Admin of a Domain you should first test any changes on the Backup Domain Controller just to make sure that there are no issues that arise depending on what you plan to do. You may find that there are things located in the Admins Account that apply across the entire domain and deleting that account as apposed to renaming it cause these things to stop working.

Depends entirely on what you want to do here I suppose.


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i have local access

by tom In reply to Well if you have local ac ...

i think you have got confused, this may help...

I recently had a domain transfered to me so I now host it, the site was edited originally by a user (lets call him Tony) using Adobe Contributeand he still wants to do this. So i setup contribute at my end and went through the process of becoming the admin so i could send Tony an email with the new 'setup key' so he can use a new set of details (FTP) to edit the site.

The only problem is that the original developer is still the admin of the site over contribute and i canot replace him. I don't want to get in contact with the old admin, i want to replace him.

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If you are talking about....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to i have local access

... the Administrator of the domain name registration? If so, you can not (or should not be able to) change the details without their permission, or at the very least, the permission of the owner of the domain name.

You can try transferring the domain name registration to a different Registrar, listing yourself as the Domain Name Administrator and the current owner as still being the owner. IF, and I repeat IF, the current Administrator of the domain name allows the name to be transferred to the new registrar, you will then become the Administrator. Depending on how the current registrar has the domain name listed, the switch MAY be possible if the owner steps in and allows the change.

But, there's no way to do anything with the domain name without notifying the current Administrator.


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