How do I change the Dimm Speed?

By CJE_maichigan ·
I have a question. My motherboard is a Gigabyte 8vt800-L and it says all over the documentation that it runs DDR 400 memory, and that is what I have installed (two bars of a gig each... kinstons yada yada yada) yet when I boot up it states that my system has a Dimm speed of 266?

Is there something wrong here?

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Sounds as if you don't have the 2 sticks

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to How do I change the Dimm ...

In the correct RAM Sockets. DDR RAM or more precisely the CPU runs at 800 MHZ Front Side Bus Speed and if you don't have the RAM configured as Dual Ram it will not be feeding the CPU with 2 streams of data and it will show that it's running slower than it should.

The manual is available here for download if you no longer have your M'Board Manual available.


It will tell you in which of the RAM Sockets the RAM should be located.


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cant make any suggestions with the info givin

by Naw-yi In reply to How do I change the Dimm ...

mb/bios version
with what youve given noone could give u a good answer, just a guess.

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It's not quite so bad but I do agree that a bit more information would have

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to cant make any suggestions ...


CPU Type = Intel P4 / Celeron

M'Board = GA8vt800l Gigabyte

BIOS Version Number shouldn't matter as every one supports 400 MHZ RAM

Memory as stated 2 X 1 GIG Kingston RAM Sticks

The question here is how the RAM is arranged and what type of CPU is involved if it's a Pentium 4 the RAM isn't in the correct sockets for Dual Channel RAM and if there is a Celeron well that's anyones guess as to what it allows the RAM to run at.


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