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How do I clean out my NT server?

By sidvail ·
Network: 1 server, NT 4.0, 22 workstations, win98. 15 email accounts for sales staff.

Was hit by klez virus among others recently. I have installed Norton on the win98 machines and sweep and clean occassionally. However, during the time the viruswas active, it wrote files to the server. And it seems that occassionally one of the workstations will start thrashing the hard drive, and next thing you know, more corrupted files on the server.

Is there a way to sweep a NT4.0 server for these viruses? Or to clean up the infected files? Norton won't go on NT4.0. Will the FixKlez program work on NT?

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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How do I clean out my NT server?

by MachineType In reply to How do I clean out my NT ...

What version of Norton? We have Corporate Ed. 7 On 4 NT4 servers. Sometimes when you have a virus it (the virus) will prohibit you from installing anti-virus software on the infected machine. I am not sure if this is the case with Klez, but it is definitly possible.

FixKlez will work on NT, taken from symantec's site:

NOTE: You must have administrative rights to run this tool on Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, or Windows XP.

You can download the tool from here:

(remove any spaces from the address after pasting it)

Here is the removal tool how to:

(remove any spaces from the address after pasting it)

After you run this tool and reboot Symantec will most likley go on there.

Hope this helps...


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