How do I clear a music entry from Windows Media Player 12?

By edean65 ·
This is in Windows 7. The music was recorded in Itunes and automatically imported into Windows Media Player 12, so that it showed up there under Artist and Album views for music. The music was removed from the Itunes folder physically (file thrown out) and Itunes was uninstalled, but the old, and now unusable, reference to the artist and album won't allow me to delete it from Media Player 12 in the most common way: to right click it and choose delete. I tried to "Turn off" media player as a Windows component in control panel, but this action didn't help either. I'd be OK with removing media player altogether and reinstalling it in Windows 7 if I thought it would work. But I haven't found how to do that.

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I don't have either bit of software handy,

by seanferd In reply to How do I clear a music en ...

but make sure you are selecting something like "delete playlist". If that is the action you have taken already, never mind.

Ah, try this:

If that doesn't help, check around
until someone with a definitive answer shows up. but that first answer should work fine, as it directly deletes the database files.

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You got me there! Thanks!

by edean65 In reply to I don't have either bit o ...

The social answers link did it for me, although I had to guestimate from the tech's response to the earlier question. I don't have the RUN button-- this is Windows 7 Home Premium. I entered the %localapp%... entry in the search box and got to it that way. The response says to delete all the files in this folder, which I had to guess at because there's several files AND folders here. I deleted all the files in that folder only. The database file would not allow itself to be deleted because it was locked by a media player process. But everything else deleted fine, and when I re-opened Media Player 12 the database rebuilt itself keeping only the music that remained. Awesome. Thanks so much for your help.

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Next step

by santeewelding In reply to You got me there! Thanks!

Upgrade to Pro or Ultimate. Whatever are you doing with the Home version, with all your long experience? (I read your First Computer piece in Discussions)

Avail yourself of all the levers and switches, including Run.

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Next step noted...

by edean65 In reply to Next step

Thanks so much. Yes, I've been around computers for a long time. Mostly as a programmer since very early on, which kind of sends me on a nostalgia kick every once in a while because I always wanted to write video games. But that pretty much became an outdated, or at least, less feasible idea as more and more of the large companies used a team approach to make the best games out there-- I sort of took the Ken and Roberta Williams and Nolan Bushnell philosophy of realizing that the days of the mom-and-pop startup game companies was over. Still, I do write COBOL and Visual Basic code for a living and have done as much in FORTRAN as well in the 1980's. So it may come as a surprize that this Media Player issue was giving me fits-- but then everything is so interconnected in Windows and the programmer is disconnected from its processes to the point of needing to specialize in it in order to master things like that. I do appreciate your help, and will look into the heavier Windows 7 options. I'm impressed with it as an OS by any stretch, BTW.

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Further note on social answers reply...

by edean65 In reply to You got me there! Thanks!

I just referred to this again and noticed that the tech DID say that it is OK not to remove the folders that are in the folder in question-- just remove the files. So I'd guessed right and done as directed. No word that I could see on whether the database itself is considered to be a file to be deleted, but again, without deleting it this worked ok for me.

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